The Miracle of a Mother

The Miracle of a Mother

My favorite singer these days is Denise Hagan. I spoke about the impact she had the first time I heard her on Rise Up in Song. Later I got to enjoy a whole evening of her singing and storytelling and told of her service with Autistic kids.

When she sang at the World Kindness concert, I finally got a chance to post video, in this case Perfect Replications.  In comments there is a link to an Asian clip of Amazing Space.

On May 8th, she’ll do a special Mothers Day weekend concert to raise money to bring her mother here on holidays. The Miracle of a Mother, An Evening of Celebration. Here’s an interview about the event:

If you’re in the Vancouver area, it’s well worth your presence.

Tickets are available on DivineYou

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  1. Davidya

    Well, tonight was the night. I’d have to say it was the best Mothers themed event I’ve ever been to by far. A few stories, a poem, and best of all, Denise. She was in very fine form and deeply moved the audience.

    On top of ticket sales, there was a silent auction, Hugzz (small hugging statues), glass water bottles and some raffles. Between these and a single generous donor, they raised the funds for a summer holiday to remember for Denise’s Mom.

    Great success all around.

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