Levels of Power – Part 2

Levels of Power – Part 2

Caroline Myss also spoke about chakras. She called them “data banks”, observing that everything is recorded, every thought. I would suggest it’s better to suggest that its stored in the entire energy system, not just the chakras but she may have more insight there. I have observed how stuff is stored all over the body though having a reference back to the relevant chakra.

She describes chakras like this:
External (later calls them Kronos):
1 – history, biology, family – need groups
2 – hips, sex, financial, intimate relationships, control, creativity. (I find it notable that most relationship issues are around sex, control, and finances – all the same energy)
3 – self esteem, presentation of self.
Inner (later Kyros):
4 – heart, love, charity, jealously (heart burn), forgiveness
5 – willpower, choice, addictions
6 – mind, sense of reality, clarity, choice of reality, divine myth
5&6 affect healing. Need incredible sense of person to overcome group.
7 – grace bank account from prayer, beauty
8 – contract for reincarnation, 12 archetypes we personally follow.
She later adds:
9 – soul, mystical, cosmic consciousness.

There is a few things I can observe about this. I’ve found control more dominant in the 3rd but really it has roles in both 2nd and 3rd. Willpower also shows in 3rd due to it mirroring the 5th. But most importantly, soul is within the heart. This is where the 2nd connection comes in.

I talk about this in a series on the Energy System. I also observe that at first, chakras can seem to appear above the head in sequence up to 12 as she’s developing. However, I’ve found that there is really just 7. The ones above the head are the divine resolution of the ones in the body, mirrored outside until the perception is more complete.

In a separate section on her web site she explores the 12 “Houses” of the Mind and the Archetypes. The 12 houses are similar to an astrological chart but she uses mythos to define the stories we have running in each area of life. This is like how I describe the shadow story and personalities that act it out. I describe the story we carry through many lives and she the details of how it is played this time.

She however sees the shadow as the dark side of the myth but that your power is found in the light side of it. I like that. I have been observing that aspects of the story remain but have not looked at this way. She also describes the “sacred contract” of myths we choose  prior to birth to act out in this life. I’m not sure I could say our roles can be so tidily compartmentalized but have never explored it that way before. It is interesting to note the power we have in playing what we are assigned to in our lives. And the energy we lose in resisting that or playing the dark side.

She talked about one of the dominant current myths being the “self & wealth generation“, the boomers myth of entitlement and deserving. Ego thinks if its not pleasurable, something is wrong. The generation following has a different group myth.

Are you feeling frustrated? She says that’s good. Frustrated means you have gotten the signal and downloaded instructions. You’re in a season of choice. A season of shift of roles, a changing of the myths. It’s a sign of evolution.

She explores the typical archetypal roles and the myths we learn behind them that are used to build our story. Family and childrens stories pass them on in early life when we are in programming mode. It’s a fascinating perspective to consider how our roles follow myths or standard patterns of being. Memes would naturally be symbolic, what I would describe as personalized. I have previously observed that our stories often don’t make sense when they’re seen and can often be categorized by a dominant drama.

It’s no wonder we’re story tellers and that spiritual teachers speak in parables. It’s a way of stepping past mind to appeal to the symbolic underpinning of our life dynamic. It also suggests why myths have such a hold and carry on for so long. And why the same ones show up in various guises and cultures.

If you wish to explore her archetypes and houses of mind, the basics are on her web site.
Sacred Contracts Overview. (links upper left)

70 example typical Archetypes

Just how important is this whole archetype thing? Our world we experience is structured in consciousness. It behaves a lot like a dream. How are dreams structured? They are built on myths, our internal stories. Our world is the play of the personalities we have active and those are founded in the mythical stores we carry. Here’s Caroline’s formula.

Light + Myth  = Experience. Everything you experience is thus founded in energy moving through a story.

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  2. Davidya

    Hi Albert
    I’ve seen snippets but have never looked closely at her stuff before. And of course, much of this is older material. But it was what matched what I’d explored which piqued my interest to look closer. Always interesting to find commonality of a space cowboy with a medical intuitive. (laughs)

    Sometimes, going into light beings and such can just cause more concepts but its an arena that’s repressed in the west so it can be good to air it, especially for people that are alienated by experiences of it. I’ve seen some “teachers” describe Mythic stuff as remnants of human dark ages. Boy, will they be surprised when celestial perception shows up. (laughs)

    A sign? Does this mean you’re in Symbolic power? (laughs)

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