Levels of Power – Part 1

Levels of Power – Part 1

Recently, I watched the film The 3 Levels of Power by Caroline Myss and reviewed some other material on her web site. The film was done over 10 years ago so has been updated a bit by later perception she has gained. She is a “medical intuitive” who reads your energy, where it’s being given away and what the “schedule” or influence of the past is. How your use of power is affecting your health. “Power is the common ingredient in health and loss of health.” Power is life force, prana, grace, and it is conscious. “The rational mind has no power over a disempowered being.

She observes that personal beliefs are not private, nor are they silent. They are reflected and shown in the health of the body as a result of their effect on your energy and power. Some people invest over 70% of their energy in the past. Sometimes to the point that they are going into energy debt, draining energy from cell maintenance and thus long term health.

She notes that if you are not here, in the present, your circuits are feeding your history, often to trauma zones below the waist. I’ll discuss Chakras in Part 2.

What she describes as the Levels of Power are very similar to how I describe the evolution of perspective with the growth of consciousness and the way the shadow story plays in our lives.

First, on perspective. She says “The 3 levels of power represent 3 levels of evolution we all must move through.” What she calls a well scripted path. They are:

1) Tribal – group mind. Family, group thought forms. People talk in terms of we and they and are personally unempowered. Energy works at the speed of the group, like a bureaucracy. Thus we heal and create at the speed of the group.

2) Individual – self, personal power, responsibility for action and attitudes. What’s true for me. Must break out from group. Faster speed.

3) Archetypal or Symbolic – separate from self (witness), detach from can/can’t. See events and perceptions symbolically with archetypal meaning. In other words, we see the story and can thus break it’s bonds and boundaries.

While this comes from quite a different place, I describe a similar evolution of perspective that results from shifts in states of consciousness. Perspective is the mode of perception. The place we’re looking from. While the state of consciousness continues, perspective will revolve around that but shift up and down throughout the day and over time. For example, in some roles we’ll shift into more of a tribal-group think, like at the office. In other roles we may be far more individually expressed, like doing carpentry. We’ll play the family role differently again. They’ll also dominate certain ages. For example, teens will go through an individual separation from family, then join a tribal group of peers with a larger sphere of influence.

The perspectives I describe are:
1) Survival – a primitive instinctual role that newborns pass through and some of societies out-casts fall into. In it’s positive form it is the bliss of ignorance.

2) Tribal – We see ourselves as part of the group or collective and look to the group for leadership and responsibility. Very similar to her Tribal.

3) Special – the individual is dominant, ego is strong and we feel unique and separate. Leadership, responsibility and independence are hallmarks. Again, very similar to her Individual.

4) Seeker – The individual finds itself in relation to the whole, a connection with something greater than themselves. Self actualization. (Maslow)

This is where we begin to diverge. Caroline I think has blended the awakening process into one ‘level of power’ whereas I break it out into a series of steps that correspond with the stages of awakening. It was nonetheless an interesting idea to consider the power levels of each perspective.

5) Awake – Self realized. Independent witness, dissolving of the ego self. Dominated by peace, then happiness and unboundedness. Thoughts and intention much more powerful. She touches on the witness in Archetypal.

6) Refined – refinement of perception results in God realization. Dawning of divine heart and Love. Powerful uniting force, true compassion. In many ways, this is the true archetypal stage as this is where the personal or symbolic perceptions of the nature of reality unfold. Caroline, having developed subtle perception, would be a person who came to some of this early.

7) United – With the end of the core identity, the division of Self and other ends. We wake from the dream of God into ultimate reality. Oneness, wholeness. All this is That.

From a power perspective, each of these levels are more potent than the last. Imagine what is possible when you can directly perceive the mechanics of creation, can work with those that make things happen, and have a direct relationship with the Creator.

She suggests we:
1) invest power in honour – very important
2) invest power in forgiveness
3) invest power in faith
She also suggests we will never solve the mysteries, so we should just give up. That has not remotely worked for me. (laughs)

She observes that we are always in dialogue with God. We are the vehicles of expression of divinity. We just need to learn how to listen and see.

She said we’re not 5 sense beings – we have mental, emotional, and intuitive senses. While I agree in general, I think it’s more that we are not 5 PHYSICAL sense beings. The senses have many levels of refinement. Same sense but much more subtle perception. Thus we are 5 subtle sense beings. I spoke about that in Seeing with the Heart.

Part 2 – Chakras and Archetypes >

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