Awakening (Part 5/5)

Awakening (Part 5/5)

The Soul

One of the things you hear less about is the second thread. There is the white sutra coming in the top of the head, connecting you with the divine. And then there is a second, more direct thread that enters the heart and joins the sushumna there in a kind of T. That plexus or meeting of threads is a sort of super chakra, a spirit driven one we call the soul. Where Shakti meets Shiva, Prakriti meets Purusha.

This is why devotional and other heart based practices are so potent. They take advantage of the direct connection through the heart. It is also why the awakening heart is such a profound point on the journey, both the ascending opening of Love, and the descending awakening of divine love.

Compassion dawns from the upper energy flowing into the heart, higher passion from the lower energy flowing up into the heart. Again, these are not practices but experiences when the flow opens.

Many other practices are mental or sensory (gyan or karma yogi) or physical.(hatha) Each has their best use and best times on the journey as the Purushas table illustrates, but don’t neglect that heart.  😉


The awakening process includes a number of components. The increasing connection with transcendent spirit, the clearing of those energy knots, the refinement of the energy system to support finer values of energy (higher resolutions), and the movement of energy into higher levels.

Some describe the energy moving up systematically, but for most, different parts open at different times. “Spiritual experiences” may be related to opening and movement of the upper 3 chakras, especially the third eye and crown.

The third eye brings us celestial and divine sight. The talents of seers and visionaries. The crown is our connection to the divine. Often prior to or with awakening, the upper 2 make a major connection. If this is sudden, it’s characterized by a brilliant flash of white light that absorbs everything.

This is the gateway to cognitions and profound knowledge not available through the lower centers. Some equate it with enlightenment, but again, awakening is not experienced. This is secondary to the process. Some people don’t get this stuff clear until much later, long after waking. Also, as a master once said, everybody can realize, not everyone will cognize.

Once the connection to the divine is established, the divine begins to descend through the centers. Adyashanti talks of Self moving forward and absorbing the head, heart and gut. As these are related to the ego, divine and identity, they are also related to the 3 main higher states of consciousness.

Thus the evolution of enlightenment runs parallel to the decent of the divine.

“This direct relationship with God is first established on the level of Being and then comes to be on the level of feeling; from there it enters the field of thinking and then finds its way on to the sensory level of experience.”
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The upper three are the spiritual centers. However, when the energy descends, it spiritualizes all of them.

One important detail here that I’ve seen presented a number of ways. Some describe chakras above the head, post crown. When this is first experienced, the divine can seem above the head, like more layers. But when this opens after awakening, the perspective shifts and the upper chakras as if flip over and turn out to be another mirroring. (see below) The same 7 chakras are mirrored with divine versions, descending. Remember this is non-linear non-physical – it’s all about perspective and perception. How you’re looking.

So they’re not really separate chakras, but the divine energy is quite different and quite a bit higher resolution. In a way, they’re kind of concurrent spiritual chakras, overlaying the existing ones, like the bodies do above. If you had good experiences with the ascending openings, wait until you see what descending brings. Far more profound.

This little table illustrates how they might be numbered and how it folds. So we might count 7 or 12, depending on how we wish to look.

7 > / Crown Divine
6 / / 8 Third eye Divine sight
5 / / 9 Throat Divine voice
4 / / 10 Heart Divine heart
3 / / 11 Gut Divine power
2 / / 12 Gonad Divine passion
1 / < Root Grounded


As this process deepens, the whole perception changes several times. The intelligence and intention inherent in any thing or event happening becomes increasingly obvious. Events no longer appear as random but rather an orchestrated dance of astonishing complexity and perfection.

If one perceives this from a personalized perspective, these intelligent laws are perceived as ‘devata’, essentially what a westerner would call angels and fairies. Complete with personalities. (laughs)

When consciousness evolves, perception evolves with it. The perception of conscious intention shifts  from an energy system into the flow or movement of consciousness.

“From the cosmic perspective they are seen for what they are. The whole body is seen differently. Energy centers are seen as flow of consciousness. It’s not even energy anymore.”
— Lorne Hoff

BecomingWhy Seven?

From a place of infinite silence, alertness and liveliness arise. The liveliness stirs alertness into awareness and awareness becomes aware of itself.  The observation of Self by itself causes the one to step into Itself, creating an apparent duality and the trinity of observer, observation and process of experience. This is the trinity you hear of in many faiths.

We could call them the first 3 ‘chakras’ of God. There are 2 further principles at work here. As above, so below, and mirroring. In other words, what arises within God is mirrored and repeated at successive levels of resolution.

This takes place within divinity, within creation, within the universe and within you. Thus when the sutra or intention descends, a bubble of awareness forms we call the universe, the 1 unfolds into 3.

The 3 are joined by the second thread connection at the heart, creating a fulcrum. The upper 3 principles mirror over the fulcrum into 7.

The 7 then found the various resolutions of our physicality described above. As mentioned before, the 7 chakras pre-exist the rest of the energy system and are the same ones shared by all life in the universe.

Again, the layers interpenetrate rather than them being stacked in a physical way. Like electrons, they are areas of probability, or rather possibility. As they are mirrors, they are not separate either.


This is a brief overview of a very large subject. There are a number of ways of seeing this, dictated by where you are standing and what quality of energy you bring. I cannot say my vision is complete or perfect in any way. But this is how I understand it now. I hope it’s shed a bit of light on the nature of your presence in the world.

Even the description itself here is of several ways of seeing what is not separate. There is only one of us, completely inclusive but expressing always.

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  6. Frank

    Wow, you show a lot of knowledge in all your articles.

    And your blogging rate is quite impressive. What do you do for a living?

    I just wondered … I seem to have accepted my lower emotions as i don’t really feel fear, pride and so on anymore, but all this thinking and judgements are still there .. do you have any thoughts on this?

    greetings Frank

  7. Davidya

    Thanks, Frank. Can’t take much credit though. I’m just the writer. (laughs)

    Articles like this are a blend of inspiration, experience, and info from various sources that I check with the first 2.

    I’m a tech consultant and I do have a life away from the blog. (laughs) It does surprise me how much comes up sometimes though. 4 more underway presently.

    Experiencing emotions is not the issue. It’s if they grab you. If you get caught up by them. If you are able to be mindful when those judgments come up, you’ll find that there is emotional drivers behind them. This is because thoughts of division get their energy from emotions.

    The trick is that the ego doesn’t want you to see the process, so if you start looking, it starts throwing up distractions and masks the process. It plays both sides – the judge and the seeker.

    This is the kind of thing where inquiry is useful. Mindful observation. Not all the time – just when something arises and you notice it arise, do a little inquiry into it. What is the feeling here? Why is that feeling arising? And so on. You’ll get the hang of it. Just don’t engage it – the idea here is observation, not more judging.

    Don’t try to control the mind or emotions. That’s just more ego. Just look and see what’s taking place. Once it’s seen, it will begin to unravel.

    If you have trouble observing, it’s worth developing a deeper connection to Self within. The observer. Effortless meditation is best there. It also dramatically speeds the above.

    I talk about a wide range of stuff around this here. You may find value browsing Key Posts link on the right. I facetiously wrote an article “10 Steps to Enlightenment” awhile back – it does summarize much of what I’ve found most useful.

  8. Davidya

    BTW Frank, I see that I don’t notice time passing when I write, so that helps me not notice how much time is taken. (laughs)

    It’s not related to how busy I am. Some of the heaviest blogging months were the busiest working. It’s simply what comes up, just like life.

  9. Frank

    Thanks a lot Davidya, this showed me that I was on the right track and made things more clear.

    “BTW Frank, I see that I don’t notice time passing when I write, so that helps me not notice how much time is taken. (laughs)
    It’s not related to how busy I am. Some of the heaviest blogging months were the busiest working. It’s simply what comes up, just like life.”

    That’s interesting.. You know, I am even thinking about quitting all my work stuff, because there is so much interesting things out there (Spirituality, Psychology, etc) When I learn a lot for university it’s hard picking up a Hawkins book at the weekend sometimes 😉
    I’m probably ganna wait until the 600’s, then freedom is mine to do so anyway 😉

    Greetings Frank

  10. Davidya

    mmm – yes its nice to dream of a life of leisure, exploring where our mind takes us. But even a monk has to do the dishes and clean the floor.

    I would not be in a rush. Pick what speaks to you most and give it some attention when the mind has room. University will end, then career and family may dominate. Do what life needs doing and give spirit a little room and life will unfold as it should.

    And never forget to have fun. 😉

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