The Story

The Story

Today I was called to explain the Story briefly to someone without background in this.

The essential idea is that in our evolutionary journey, there is a cycle of stepping away and a cycle of stepping in. One of the effects of a cycle of stepping away is the drive to independence. One example would be the terrible twos, when a child pulls away from absorption in mother. Teens would be another, pulling away from family.

In the cycle of independence, there can be a kind of separation, a loosing touch with source. The idea of a “me” arises, something commonly called the ego. Because the ego is a concept, it gathers other concepts around it to “prove” and justify itself. It seeks ideas that support it’s being and rejects ideas that don’t. Much of this process is sub-conscious but can be made conscious if we understand the dynamics. For example, the ego is very reactionary. It always judges, decides right and wrong. It’s also strongly driven by fear-based emotions (like worry) because the core identity is essentially a grip of fear. (thats a whole ‘nother explanation)

This cumulative conceptual framework we identify with as “me” is often called ‘the story’. Eckhart Tolle calls it the pain body. It’s also called the personal maya.

The core story is something carried forward through multiple lifetimes until it is seen and resolved. It’s origins are rooted in the cycles of awareness through time. This is one of the amazing things about the current time. Awareness has cycled up to a point parallel with when the story was first created for many of us, allowing it to be seen and resolved.

This seeing through the story/ego/pain body/maya you may recognize by words like awakening and self realization.

You may consider this a philosophy or belief system but in fact it can be experientially verified. Using a variety of terms, it has been described and discussed for eons though much of history. It takes many voices to be heard by many ears…


PS – this evening I heard a talk by Eckhart on the process of awakening. (yes, he called it that) Rather than defining the terms like I’ve often done, he told some stories from our experience to relate to the difference between being in the mind and being in the spaciousness. Speaking verbally like this is less mind engaging and a great way to teach.

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