Seeing Death

Seeing Death

In a discussion over on Takuin’s blog on Oneness, the subject of death came up. As an example, it was suggested death was unknowable. I suggested otherwise, which lead to this:

On Death after Awakening:
What I mean is that because Takuin is no longer an individual self, the dynamic of death will shift. One cannot look to prior deaths before this shift as an example.

On the knowability of Death:
Really, this more comes back to how can one know? Consciousness itself is embedded with what we might call senses. What becomes physical senses. From what I have understood, in the evolutionary journey of awakening, everyone gets the gift of “inner sight”. There are many names for this. It shows up much like awakening – it just happens. Sometimes with awakening, sometimes before or after.

This ‘sight’ usually evolves, like awakening. Deepens, broadens, etc. It can become a trap as it’s thought to be “truth” in some way. And it can get in the way of awakening. We like to think experiences tell us what awakening is but awakening is beyond experiences.

Do I actually know that everyone gets this? No. But clearly some do or there would not be stories of it. The teaching tells me it happens due to refinement of the nervous system. While that is certainly related in terms of clarity and depth, it does not point to why one person and not another. Nor why one person sees certain aspects while another sees others. I can suggest explanations, but that is just concepts.

I have not thought about it this way before. Interesting.

But I can say it is possible for some to see ones history, before the apparent boundary of birth or death. It is possible to remember a prior death. Or not forget it. It is also possible to see that the physical universe is but a coating on a much larger, richer place. It is possible to literally see life and consciousness on the surface of things, lighting up the world. That under the “veil” our world is place of astonishing beauty, something many open a bit to here and there. It is possible to see the universe from the outside. To see the vast reaches of being beyond the universe. Consciousness, That Thou Art, is bigger than all these things. They are contained in That, thus it is looking within.

The life must still be lived. But the context changes considerably. Death is no longer feared when the continuity of life is experienced. We can be humbled by the vast richness and diversity of life. We can be awed by presence, right on the surface of mundane objects, trilling to our attention and touch.

Is it important to see all these things? No. Just something else to let go of. Something we may not even want to see. What is important is waking to who you are, underlying all of that. That which is without death. That which is everywhere present.

If these things are not seen, perhaps it is to avoid distraction from what needs to be seen. When it is seen, then perhaps the breadth of what is can arise. But I’m guessing. (laughs)

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