Death of a Story – Part 1 of 4

Death of a Story – Part 1 of 4

Here is the promised post(s). It became a minor epic. 😉 But I’ve not seen the new material further covered anywhere else.

Part 1 – Overview
In the process from before awakening through to Unity, it is often described in 3 stages. Clearing the ego, the emotional drivers of that, and the core identity. Along with what can then open, these lead to awakening or self realization, God realization and Unity. Adyashanti talks about Self moving forward and adsorbing head, heart and gut.

Last week, I chatted with a young fellow who woke last year. It’s interesting to explore how, while who we are has changed, long habits of mind take time to be seen and die.

For example, all ideas of doership. After Self realization, it becomes clear to Self that we are not the doer. That the thoughts in our head, the words that come out of our mouth and the things we do have nothing to do with a me. They arise and play in their own field, amongst themselves. There is no ‘me’ to do it and for the most part, God’s not involved either. It’s like a stage play running every day just down the street.

But at the same time, the mind usually keeps trying to “figure it out”. To assume some involvement or control. Gradually, these are seen through as they arise in clear awareness. But often they are such habits that they come up automatically for awhile.

There is also the tendency to get into any internal battle about it. The judge may jump up and say – look at that! You’re supposed to be spiritual! How could you act this way?? And then you remember – there is no you. Only the mind thinking there is still. You allow the story to play out and it is seen through and crumbles away.

This is the sneakiest part – all concepts of right and wrong are ego. All concepts of ego are ego. Everything we figure out about what is, is not what is. We have to just transcend all that mind stuff.

At first, it’s the obvious ones we see. The big dramas. The bold statements of person-hood. The critic and blamer. The controller. These “shrapnel” fall away as they are seen and allowed and released. Sometimes it takes a bit of dismantling. Sections are removed until the facade crumbles.

Lorne suggested we sometimes have to be “shaken” to become fully awake. Adyashanti talks about awakening from awakening. Casting off the expectations of experience, of it being a certain way. This tendency to see something wrong is the remains of ego. Just remember – if its happening, it’s right. It is only the filter through which it happens that can see it as wrong.

> Part 2 – How did it Happen
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> Part 4 – Consequence

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  4. Uzma

    Could this be where I am. Sounds like me..hahahah and I laugh at myself. Been told I am an observor. Am clearly watching and dismantling, ideas about ego. I just did judge the self on ‘spirituality’. Am trying to get rid of right and wrong. I have no idea, where I am. 🙁

  5. Davidya

    Good. Sounds like there is excellent progress. But trying to say I am here is mind and meaningless. It’s not a place on a ladder but an organic synthesis and unfolding. The idea of posts like this is to get a sense of it rather than create new concepts. Of course, mind will do that naturally. Just don’t take it too seriously (laughs)

    Loosing duality is not something you can do. It is the result of who you are. When it goes deep enough that will fall away.

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