Surrender and Engage

Surrender and Engage

One of the more curious challenges of the post awakening process can be the shifts in the apparent rules of the game. Habits of mind and action may no longer seem appropriate. But what then is?

There is the falling away of separation. The dropping of the emotion drivers of the drama, the loss of a personal identity, and the dropping of core needs.

What then remains? Love, happiness, passion.

Yet within living life, there can be an apparent duality. The move to surrender and allow what is. And the move to action, engaging with the world. I spoke of this prior in Intention vs Allowing.

The fascinating thing is, if we surrender without engaging we can fall into the trap of meaninglessness. If we engage without surrender, we remain trapped in aspects of our story.

The trick is that balance point, where we engage and intend but from a place of full allowing. What Jesus called being in the world but not of it.

It is looks something like this:

1) Allow what is to be as it is. Beginning is always in an open space.
2) Within that surrender, Intend, but without conditions. Without expectations of it having a certain form.  Just a simple, clear intention.
3) Surrender the intention and to what unfolds.

This is the blending of action and inaction, of doing and non-doing. And it dramatically simplifies intentions when we remove conditions.

This is not to say we add no parameters. We want the intention to be specific. But not so specific it creates a barrier to itself. And not conditional – the only if’s.

One of the conditions we might add is accepting limitations or boundaries. Considering a no vacancy sign to mean not possible. Or to take your impressions of a meeting to be theirs. All you need to consider is what you love and move towards it.

Just remember, it’s not about you. There’s nothing personal going on. How it shows up will be the best for everything.

Of course, we will tend to add expectations and if we watch, we will see some needs for it to be some way. But the closer we come to just intending in an open space, the more potent and powerful will be the consequence. And the smoother.

In a way, that is the challenge of awakening. We gain a more solid connection and more powerful thoughts. If we are less than mindful about the baggage that remains, we can give more power to what is not wanted unintentionally. We can turn up the volume of the story. But it sure is easy to see then. (laughs)

It can take great courage to simply intend and trust life to provide. Using ideas like “law of attraction” without courage is hollow. An amusement. Intention without action can be just adding to our pile of resistance. You have to step forward to meet you intention, encourage cooperation, and engage life directly. Visualization without action is just dreams. Yet it is simply astonishing what can arise when we allow and trust deeply enough to step directly in. As the runner company said, “Just Do It”.

We will probably need to learn this lesson more than a few times, as what remains arises to be seen and challenge our clarity.

The road may seem to have some potholes, switchbacks, and even a few hairpin turns. But it’s mighty scenic country. Enjoy the journey. That’s why you’re here.

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