Follow the Love

Follow the Love

Muse recently wrote an article on the song “Don’t Go With Your Song Inside You“. It’s evidently the song that closes Wayne Dyer’s new flick The Shift.

Joseph Campbell famously said “follow your bliss“. Let happiness lead you forward. Chase what makes you happy. Look for what enlivens.

Essentially what we’re doing when we follow bliss is moving with the flow. The movement of life. We’re acting to intention and purpose. The more it brings happiness to ourselves and others, the more in the flow we are.

This is not to say we won’t run into resistance. Most of us are like sacks of resistance. When we start paying attention to how we really feel, some of that will come to the surface, be seen. And with practice, be released, emptying the sack a little more. In other words, we’ll have some stuff to work through.

Time is a factor not to be discounted in the unfolding. While the flow is timeless, we experience it expressed in time. We may get the signal but not much in the way of results. Sometimes it’s not yet time. Perhaps some preparation or clearing is needed first. But it still shows up so we know where this is going. It will cycle back with a strong signal when the time comes, and now we’ll be ready to move.

People in Law of Attraction circles talk of watching for coincidences and syncronicities. We may also notice stuff shows up in sets when the signal is strong. 3 people will tell you about the same thing, for example, in a short time. Or give you the same nudge or suggestion. You may respond – “yeah, I already heard about/know that“. But you may also ask why the cluster? It may be the time to act, however unapparent otherwise. That’s when intuition or sitting with it can be useful. A time for listening. How does it feel?

The trick though comes back to Campbell. Is there bliss? Does it feel good? Right? Negative feelings are usually a sign of resistance rather than a No. Fear, as Adyashanti suggested, can be an invitation. A No will also feel good. We may feel yes, we may feel no, but the right answer always feels good.

Sometimes, we can smack ourselves upside the head because we’re being dense. We’re  caught by a problem, so we fail to see the solution when it’s presented to us. Then, far more resources are required to “push” us onto the right path. But if we’re not seeing, we struggle and wonder why it’s not working. Where’s da bliss??

Tuning into how it ‘feels’ – not the reactive emotions so much – touching the movement through our body and our lives. The more we clear the sack, the easier this becomes. The flow can be felt, seen and heard when the senses become refined enough. Everything comes alive.

As the heart opens it will bring another value, love. Follow the love. Act on what inspires the heart. This can be quite profound when we act from love, when we do love, when we give only to love. This draws the flow of love out into our world.

Our life is literally filled with the love we’re giving. The Heaven that was always there dawns…

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  1. Interesting take on this! I’ve watched Campbell’s broadcasts, and follow the “Law of Attraction” writings. It seems many get caught up in judging words like “bliss” and “feel good” as self-indulgent, squishy-wishy, spaced-out inattention. Instead, if we can use our feelings as an internal guidance system, as spoken of in the Abraham teachings, for instance, we can feel those nudges towards inspired action, as well as know when it’s time to let go and just allow. It doesn’t mean we won’t “work hard”. It’s just that it will feel good and right when we do.
    I like your question “Why the cluster?” If something is presented to our attention repeatedly, it’s certainly time to take a look at it!

  2. Davidya

    Thanks Muse. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about it.

    yeah, it’s kind of funny. Everything we do is the movement of bliss and love. But because some may resist or thrash, they feel only the edge of that. And then we miss most of the inner signals.

    I’ve had a bunch of clusters recently so am expecting some changes…(laughs)

  3. The thing about clusters is interesting. I can see it in retrospect. And it’s going on right now, in my life, though, seemingly, there isn’t any direction or clarity. It’s a matter of getting out of the way and allowing it.

  4. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik
    I find that sometimes, clusters show up because we have our attention on something. For example, when I write about subjects, more often shows up. This can be simply because we’re paying attention to the subject so we notice, but there is also the power of attention itself that “enlivens” this in the environment. This can have the effect of amplifying where our attention is, making it easier to see – if it isn’t obvious.

    Other times, clusters show up to bring our attention to something. The mechanism is the same, it’s just a higher value of Self that has the attention.

    Yes, it is allowing the process to take place but the markers can help us flow with it.

    The dynamic is a little different if there is a major decision to be made. When the attention is on a question. Then attention has a way of gathering material around it, clarifying the question and the obstacles. I some ways, the result is not a “decision” but more a clarity with where it’s going.

    In my case, I am expecting (allowing) change because unexpected things showed up in clusters that drew my attention to a question. That drew further clusters, often indicating a direction that’s developing. That’s corroborated by how it feels. Without the feeling, we’re just guessing what it “means”. Sometimes all it means is you’re thinking about it.

    Sometimes, this also means action. There is something that calls to be done.

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