What Begins

What Begins

Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom
Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom
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I thought it would be useful to touch on how it begins. Before there is a person. I’ve covered this before in places like Deepest Being, but it can be useful to explore it with different language.

Essentially, there is silence. The silence has 2 qualities:
– alertness, which becomes what we call consciousness or the observer
– liveliness, which becomes what we call experiences and the world

The liveliness stirs the alertness into awareness. Awareness becomes aware of itself, creating a process of observation. This process creates qualities we may call intelligence – direction, attention, and so forth. And that creates existence or the sense of being. (you’ll note from experience there is no sense of being unless there is also an observing)

In the primary reality, there is no space or time. Just this lively alert intelligence. Everything is experienced concurrently.

All those separate events you experience, indeed all lifetimes are just layers of attention in a timeless moment. Words are of course inadequate. To say layers implies space and time. They are not separate but rather interlaced shifts in liveliness.

In a similar way, all beings in a universe are just slight shifts in attention. And we’re not just talking about people, but all life forms. Like moving your eyes from one word to the next as you read this.

A slight phase shift, and you have another universe of beings with a whole different set of experiences. Yes, a literal other universe.

Everything, everywhere, everyone, all in a moment.

We might think this is how God sees the world, but God also sees all possible ways of seeing concurrently.

For you and I, attention collapses to a point, a focus. Infinity becomes focused on an single wave or event. This attention on a point causes time and space to, as if, unfold from a point. The play of life appears on the screen of awareness.

Another way to see it is that when the observer steps in to see the observed, a  “space” is created. When the attention is focused on events in space, we experience time. Thus awareness can go into the detail and experience it fully. Know and feel what it is.

Some then get “caught” by this experience by forgetting how to disengage. How to step out of the focus. So we journey into the detail, then journey back out into the boundless. This is the evolutionary cycle.

Some physicists suggest there are other dimensions, rolled up very small. While I don’t agree with this, it is true that space and time themselves are both unfolded and rolled up, which may give the impression of alternate dimensions. The rolled up dimensions are not other dimensions but rather the same ones, seen from a different perspective. Or, seen another way, we are experiencing our current space-time, but all other non-current space-time is rolled up.

We can also see that people experience overlapping realities or a shared sense of world because there is only one world. Indeed, there is only one ‘me’.

One can of course explore this from many angles and go into much more detail.

One interesting one is the idea of subtle memory, Smriti. We are essentially remembering by unfolding what is rolled up. Evolution, even life itself is a process of remembering.

It’s very fascinating to see that reality isn’t really there. In any way. The mind doesn’t like this much though. (laughs)

PS – Currently, I’m working on an article on the energy system, the structure of our personal reality. Probably a 4 parter. This arose to frame it.

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  4. kasey

    is this the same as saying in the beginning there is an energy source, and it wants to experience so sparks come out from it, which is the souls that go on to experience? do they bring it back to god? i have seen the diagram of unbounded awareness, and then all the way to the physical body. is it my soul that is the unbounded awareness expressing forward?

    1. Hi Kasey
      The process might be described subjectively that way. The phrasing I would use is that awareness becomes aware if itself both globally (unbounded) and at every point. Some of those points (sparks) express forward as what we might call souls. So yes, the soul is like a wave of that unbounded awareness expressing forward.

      There is an outward flow of attention into experiences and form. And then there is an inward flow of attention back to source. That brings us back to God.

  5. In this article, I imply intelligence comes out of awareness. However, it’s better to understand intelligence as being inherent and fundamental. Alertness and liveliness stir into awareness but they do so with intelligence. Liveliness doesn’t just agitate alertness.

    And once aware, it takes a direction. As Maharishi put it, intelligence becomes intelligent.

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