Practical Understanding (Part 4/5)

Practical Understanding (Part 4/5)

Firstly, understand that biology responds to energy and light, not just chemicals. For example the skin produces Vitamin D and tans when exposed to sunlight. Biologists have discovered individual cells respond to specific energy and light frequencies. Pay attention to the energy you’re feeding yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If you look at depictions of the subtle body, they tend to show each body out wider than the previous. The physical, the etheric close in, the emotional aura, and the causal glow. But keep in mind the the causal infuses all of them. The highest spirit “body” has no limits and interpenetrates all.

To give you a sense of how different chakras energy feed a given area of life, here’s a chart. Keep in mind, these are generalizations. Again, this isn’t about doing direct energy work but rather being mindful of your active resistances so you can release them, thus allowing the energy to flow more smoothly.

Mental Body Emotional Body
7 Crown higher Intuitive Unity
6 Third eye Imagination / Gnosis Unbounded freedom
5 Throat Conceptual Bliss, Compassion
4 Heart ‘Feeling’ Love
3 Solar Plexus Reason, will Passion, anger
2 Gonads Social Desire, lust
1 Root Animal, connected Fear, despair, grounded

A simple overview of what constitutes a healthy functioning energy can be useful. Note that this is not so much about quantity of energy as may be implied by “low” and “high”. That’s more just how we experience it subjectively. The actual mechanism is a balance of what are known as gunas – sattva, rajas, and tamas.

There is also no “wrong” energy here. This is about quality and balance, not good and bad.

A big reason for quality and balance issues is resistance, a need to do some allowing. The key with resistance is seeing it, so this is designed to help with that. If you tend to vacillate back and forth between low and high, perhaps this is an area needing balance. Sometimes, finding balance is just a matter of shifting attention or focus.

Please don’t treat these as gospel but rather a general overview to give you a sense of it. Where exactly you hold the resistance can be misleading as acupuncture illustrates. An energy point in one place can affect the body in another. Thus you have a certain experience but store the holding elsewhere. Look to the resistance and let the holding release itself.

(sattva, balance)
Low energy
(tamas or inertia)
Excess energy (rajas or fire)
7 connection with divine,
open mindedness, presence
closed mind, apathy,
holding onto beliefs,
spiritual cynicism.
disconnect from spirit,
excessive attachments,
living in our heads,
even with spirit.
6 intuition, lucid dreams.
wisdom, vision,
spiritual gifts
denial, Maya as covering illusion. Maya
intellect alone
5 speak my truth, integrity,
resonant full voice,
sense of timing and rhythm,
how put into words,
wallflower, secretive,
don’t want people to
know who I am.
gossip, doesn’t know
when to be silent,
talks too much
4 unconditional love and bliss,
social and spiritual identity,
empathy, accepting
Fear of intimacy,
afraid to be vulnerable
People pleaser, not
rock the boat, martyr,
actor in the drama
3 Disciple to stay balanced,
confident, energetic,
responsible, reliable,
the rock.
Submissive, not
making choices for self.
over competitive,
dominating, hyper,
showing off,
always right.
2 Passion for life, embrace
change, enjoy pleasure.
Sexual satisfaction.
Ability to flow with life.
Emotional intelligence.
Spiritual maturity.
Avoid pleasure,
fear of sexuality,
lack of passion.
Emotional numbness,
Poor social skills,
Boredom & depression.
Too fast. Addictions
(substance &
obsessive attachments,
Large mood swings
1 Feel grounded, strong
physical and emotional
sense, physical health,
comfortable in body, solid,
live in now.
Order, cleanliness,
prosperous, can sit still
Flighty, vague, maybe,
restlessness, difficulty
obsessing about health
and order, lethargic,
always wanting,
workaholic, hoarding,
excess spending,
resistance to change,
fear and anxiety

In the last part, we’ll look at how this applies to the Awakening process.

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Part 5 – Awakening

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    1. Hi Lynette
      Rajas is the energy of transformation but it can also burn. So the key is balance.

      Energy healing is more about removing impediments and healing resistance. It may be applicable but generally the first step is to look at diet and lifestyle a la Ayurveda. Understanding your dosha and what works for you is very helpful.

      An effortless meditation also helps soothe. If you need more help, that’s when you might consult an energy healer to see if they can help.

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