Death of a Story – Part 2

Death of a Story – Part 2

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Part 2 – How did it Happen
How, we might ask, could all this mess happen? How could a field of infinite love, happiness, and peace possibly be caught in a tiny little box of separation? It’s very simple. In order to express, infinity must draw itself into a point. An intention. A point of experience or person.

When a baby is born, they experience a oneness with mother. To become a person, they must pull away and become separate. The result is the “terrible twos” and the sense of being alone. Fear and the sense of separation build. In order to regain some sense of control and safety, a construct is built. A set of beliefs, the ego sense of me, the tendency to make wrong to make self right, the emotional fuel that drives this, and the core fear-driven sense of being other.

This grand construct arises simply because we don’t see a new internal connection to wholeness. Something to replace the sense of ‘mother is at home’. This construct can become built up over many thousands of lives during the time of shadow. But once we reestablish that connection, we can disassemble the construct.

This takes a bit of time as much of it is sub-conscious. We have to clear some of the dust and debris to increase awareness. With awareness, we bring light to the darkness and stuff is cleared or released.

Before awakening, the task is in reconnecting to source within and clearing the channels of the nervous system, the nadis or meridians. Clearing is largely an automatic process as we open and release. However, some of the more active habits of mind and emotions require conscious intervention. No matter how much we transcend into silence, if the mind keeps regurgitating the recording that says “life is suffering”, related experiences will still arise. This is the value of inquiry, study, and gratitude. To make this conscious. To step out of the Story.

When the core energy moves more freely and enough resistance falls away, Self realization can occur and the divine can descend through the chakras – the head, heart and gut as Adyashanti described.

Through that process, the crust on the heart falls away and divine love can flow through us. We make a second connection to the divine. Then the core identity is seen and we ‘burn off’ the fear.

With the core fear released, the sense of “inside” and “outside” falls away, along with the core sense of “me”. The internal ‘object’ we have long identified as “Fred” or “Juliet” is gone. This opens the door to Unity or Oneness.

The Person does not fade completely. Soon, we have something to call “Fred” again, only now it is an increment of the cosmic, of the whole, rather than a separate thing. Adyashanti suggests that we may fear letting go as it seems nothing will remain. There will be no motivation, nothing will be done. While this can occur at brief points on the journey, that is not the consequence. We still have purpose here, tendencies and talents. We still have a role and a means to relate to the world. What falls away is just the stuff that doesn’t serve. The baggage. The waste products of illusion. The crust over the light.

What remains is the vessel, the vehicle of light and love.

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  4. Uzma

    Right. I was here , at the place of a vessel. Seeing, being, giving Love when I was 19. Then I stopped Yoga practise and slowly it faded. that was 6 yrs ago.

    However I had only done Yoga and found stillness.

    Now , I do study, inquiry and gratitude and ever so often feel the vessel of Love. It doesn’t last very long.

  5. Davidya

    There was an experience. Then there was a memory of the experience. The memory has faded. But the memory was not the experience. It was nothing to hold on to.

    Life goes through cycles where we spend some time in the mundane, then with a more spiritual focus. Sometime the mundane is needed to integrate the spiritual.

    Sounds like you’re doing the right things. When you have the experience, that’s wonderful. But don’t try to hold onto it. You can only allow it. It may change or shift into a different kind of unfolding. Or it may seem to grow. At some point, you make the shift into being who you really are. Then you will have the ground for the heart to really open and stay so. Then it will get deeper and deeper and deeper. I’m told it does not end.

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