The Proof

The Proof

Last year, James Twyman released a film called The Moses Code, a full length feature explaining a small point of understanding about I AM That, I Am. The ‘Moses Code’ is the added comma.

In April, he is releasing a new film, The Proof(the page is not up yet)

“Its time to prove, once and for all, that separation is an illusion, and in reality, we are one. Here’s The Proof. Someone has hidden a book somewhere in the Continental US, and the only person who knows where it is the person who hid it. This is not a trick and no ones in on the game. The woman who hid the book wont say a word just focus on the spot where its hidden. If James finds the book, then Hay House will make a $50,000 donation to charity. But if he doesn’t, James will make the donation himself. It is possible that the saints and mystics were right when they said were not the limited, separate beings we thought we were? Is it possible that our power extends further than we ever thought possible? Well its time to find out. On April 15 you’ll be able to watch tangible proof that we really are One. And then you’ll have the opportunity to do it yourself through a special Internet course offered by Hay House. Will he succeed or fail? You’ll have to find out for yourself.”

The Trailer:

The book in question happens to be a copy of the Kabbalah. He also recently launched a Franciscan Order, something very Catholic he’s describing as the first interfaith order. On his recent trip to my home town, he appeared dressed in Franciscan robes.

While I have great respect for St. Francis, I have a little trouble with it being used as a promotional vehicle. As for the film, it clearly would not be being released if he failed. A psychic connection done as a game show hardly demonstrates our Oneness. Perhaps he is well intentioned, but I would consider the work being done by IONS far more productive. They are proving our interconnectedness, which is not  the same thing as Oneness.

I will probably see the film if it is readily available here. But for amusement rather than proof. Quite simply, if you are trying to prove Oneness, you don’t understand it. Oneness is not about what is physical, emotional or mental. It is not a concept or a mood.  It is what Is. It is your experience or it isn’t. We are one or we are not. We know it or we don’t. The only proof is in being.

But I know why he tries. It’s the only thing that’s real. 😉

UPDATE: The film has been released. It’s not a “film” at all but rather 2 Youtube videos promoting a course. See Comments for details.

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  1. Christine

    Nice review. The conflation between “oneness” & interdependence, religion and paranormal, the use of religious symbolism for promotion – I agree with you, if you’re trying to prove interdependence, you’re not experiencing it.

  2. Davidya

    Thanks for the feedback, Christine.
    Agreed. Interdependence can at least be researched and some mechanisms revealed though. Unity itself arises at too subtle a level for testing. Later, when it moves forwards and absorbs the fields that may be tested, it becomes obvious. But how does one prove it? It is a meaningless question, like proving you are.

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  4. Davidya

    hmm – this gets worse. Turns out the Kabbalah book in question that he’s hiding in the film is his next book. So the movie would appear to be a promotional vehicle.

    “If you take “The Moses Code” and “The Da Vinci Code” and put them together, you have “The Kabbalah Code.””
    Given that the second was fiction, that’s an interesting statement. The book was written after only 3 days of study, according to his own material.

    Here’s another great quote:”With the enormous success of James Twyman’s new film “The Proof,”” Given that the film is not even released yet, thats a bold statement.

    Ah – hey the Franciscan monk is out of his robes to flog the Kabbalh, and his old guitar.


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  6. Well – the “film” was released today. It’s actually not a film but rather a 2 part Youtube online clip of under 20 minutes.

    The video turns out to promote a 40 day course for “Embodying Oneness”. Not that it actually does that (see above). But it also has serious product placement for his new book. Probably tied in somehow. It’s more like an infomercial than a documentary.

    I did find his process interesting. Always curious how some use their intuition. He did demonstrate decent intuitive skills. But what the “mystics and saints” mean by oneness is much more than this.

    And that’s my point here – what he’s doing is interesting but how he’s marketing and presenting it is quite misleading. If teaching isn’t founded in honesty and clarity, it increases illusion rather than removing it.

    The clips are here:

    To explore oneness, try Isha’s film, linked above.

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