Who Cares?

Who Cares?

Not sure how widespread this is but several people I’ve spoken with in the last week report a falling away of aspects of ego identity. Things that once drove them as core aspects of their experience, are no longer there. The striver, the seeker, the reactor – the role varies but the key detail is that a former fear based driver is no longer there.

Loss of the seeker is an important milestone. Of course, there can be other influences that cause a temporary loss of drive. But when the change comes with a sense of satisfaction and happiness, it speaks of a deeper change.

When those drivers have simply ceased and are not otherwise put aside by other influences, it is a shift out of ego control. This is an aspect of waking up, when the prior identifications or attachments, the things we hold to dearly as “me” simply fall away. Some teachers suggest we should practice this ‘non-attachment’ but really, it simply happens if you culture the ground. If you have experiences of source and do inquiry.

This kind of falling away is quite profound in it’s effects. It may not be a big obvious change. Indeed, it may not even be noticed unless there is some reflection. But the things that once concerned us, that brought us stress and drama, simply stop being there. By whatever method – a release, a realization, etc they simply fall away. This is how illusion ends. We are left with what is. And what is is fine. Very fine indeed.

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  1. Ariel Bravy

    Who cares? I love this question! 🙂

    My experience is in alignment with what you’re saying about the seeker dropping away. It’s not a massive experience, but it definitely is a change in habitual direction. There’s just no longer a trying to get anywhere anymore. It takes some getting used to as it’s a new way of being, but it just strangely falls away.

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