Moses Code, part 2

Moses Code, part 2

A couple of months ago, I mentioned the upcoming film, The Moses Code. It opened today in a showing at a local church here. (and many other places) The place was packed. What is the Moses Code? A comma. Really.

It is a simple, slightly new understanding about the story, and message, of Moses. I won’t explain. They do a better job. Illustrious cast, including Micheal Beckwith, Joe Dispensa, Debbie Ford, Neale Donald Walsch, Mary Manin Morrissey, Gregg Braden, and many others known and less known. And of course, James Twyman.

And they really do take the ideas of The Secret to another level, another perspective or level of consciousness. You may find it useful to understand that humans go through a series of perspectives or states of consciousness in our growth to wholeness. The Secret helps people step out of a Victim state of mind into one of self-control. This film helps people take the next step. I’ll talk about that in a coming post.

I have a couple of minor criticisms of the film but its worth a look. If you plan to see it easily, this is the weekend to do it. Most showings are now, the weekend of April 5 & 6. Click the film name link above and click Event Locations to find a site in your area.

And remember the Upanishads quote: I am That, Thou art That, all This is That. This film will perhaps explain the first one to you.


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