Seeing the One through the Many

In a December conference call, Lorne made a few comments I quite enjoyed.

On Self Realization
It’s something that sees itself when we stop looking.

On Unity
Through the appearance of many, the one can become more clear…
ie: multiplicity is not a barrier to oneness – it is the means by which oneness knows itself more fully. Consider the mahavakyas, for example.

[the world] “becomes more pronounced because it’s all consciousness.

This weekend, I will be enjoying another retreat with Lorne and Lucia, on a Kiwi farm on … Continue Reading…

Mantra and the World

As readers of this blog know, I recommend an effortless mantra meditation rather than one using concentration or similar. This is because a mantra is a sound with known effects. If we try to use the mind to manipulate it, we’ll stay in the mind. If we try to use the mind to control the mind, we’ll struggle. But if we let the mantra go where it will, it will naturally settle into deeper layers of the mind. This causes the body to become more restful than deep sleep. It then takes the opportunity to purify which … Continue Reading…

A Second Childhood

The experience varies but for some, awakening can be like a second childhood. Like we’re going back to school and relearning about what life is. Also because it’s a process of progressively deeper surrender. A return to innocent allowing.

As Lorne Hoff puts it, “The secret to Awakening is readiness, openness, simplicity, innocence and clear simple guidance from within, from nature, or from a fully enlightened being.

Jesus is said to have said: “I tell you the truth. You must change and become like little children. If you don’t do this, you will never enter the … Continue Reading…

Brahman Unfolds

Recently, I was on another retreat with Lorne and Lucia. It was a profound exploration, brought about by a young woman who had recently had a clear shift into Brahman. This only a few months after her initial awakening and Unity. Such a thing was at one time astonishingly rare.

Unlike her shift, the Brahman Consciousness (BC) shift can be a two-stage affair not unlike the initial awakening.  First, transcending Atman into a kind of dry phase where we can be more conscious of those aspects of Unity that we’ve lost … Continue Reading…

New Lorne & Lucia Clips

Lorne and Lucia have posted some new, short videos on Youtube.

Give Up, Mind

Let Being Speak

Unbounded Love

Devotion (Lucia) – the source vs form

If you value such talks, they have a large selection of audio recordings from prior satsangs plus a few videos available via their web site.

To view further videos, see their Youtube channel here. There’s about a dozen others I’ve not displayed here.

To browse … Continue Reading…

God Realization Plus

I’ve spoken here occasionally about God Realization. I wanted to add some further notes on the subject.

Firstly, it’s good to know that evolution happens both ways – from the outside in and from the inside out. We have a spiritual practice to awaken and Self has a process to wake through us. Put in this context, we go to meet God and God comes out to meet us.

Also, before God Realization, we have to know who we are. Self Realization has to come first. Self awakens to the Self through you. Then God Realization can … Continue Reading…

Deep Retreat

Apologies for the lag in posts. I spent a week on retreat and it’s taking a little time to get caught up.

The retreat with LornLucia (a name symbolic of their unity) was quite distinct from earlier ones. For one, they’ve moved from the prairies to the coast. The retreat was located on an island not far from my home. An area named one of the most pure in the world.

They also offered a part-time extension for the full week. While there was a surface crust of resistance there we began to dissolve, the clarity beneath that was remarkable. … Continue Reading…

Beyond I Am

Another great question, this on the basics of our existence.

“My spiritual journey is driven by one main question I had from the very beginning: How and why did I and this world come to existence? After reading so many books, ok, I can accept that the world is an illusion, so I can take it out of the question. But how about “I”? My admired spiritual teachers all say:

The only thing I know for certain is I AM and I don’t know anything else.

Is this I AM knowledge so strong that it dispels the urge to ask … Continue Reading…

LLL Retreat 5

I’m back. But not really. As is not uncommon, the person who arrived back was not the same person who left. There was a deep enough perspective shift that reality has once again changed. (laughs) And is in the process of going further.

As Lorne suggested, there are states of consciousness. And then within each state are levels of awareness, a progression of clarity and alertness. For example, in waking state, we can have days where we feel lonely and separate. Days where we feel foggy and dull. And days where we feel alive and full. After a … Continue Reading…


In July ’08, I went on 2 retreats – 5 days with Lorne and Lucia followed by a week in silence with Gangaji. In the year since, I’ve been on a bunch of video-conferenced day retreats and some local satsangs, but not a full retreat.

Next weekend, I’ll be going on a 4 day retreat on the prairies with Lorne and Lucia. These are very profound retreats. For example, it feels like it’s already begun. As the various awake and close-to-awake put their attention on the event, its presence builds. Already, people from a distance have … Continue Reading…

Lorne and Lucia Links

There are several posts about Lorne and Lucia here. To make it easier to find them, here is a summary.
Lorne and Lucia, an intro.


The Calll – About their free conference calls, how to listen from silence.

Because they’ve helped a number of people awaken, most of the videos are for the newly awake.
Seeing Through the Illusion
with Lorne
Self Realization series with Lorne
Seeing the Seer with Lorne
Divine Surrender series with Lorne and Lucia
It’s … Continue Reading…

It’s Our Duty to Enjoy

In response to feedback, Lucia has produced a beautiful reminder for the awake. Before awakening, being watchful of the mind is an important tool. After awakening, the duty is to enjoy, to bring bliss to the universe.

“Prior to awakening to our real Self some deep self analysis can be valuable. But after awakening to our Infinity, our only responsibility is to enjoy.”

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