Perspective and Perception

I talk a lot here about stages of development in consciousness aka stages of enlightenment. This is to offer context for the various experiences and teachings out there and help us gain a better understanding of the path.

But sometimes, it’s useful to hear it all said a different way. On a recent retreat, Lorne Hoff spoke of Purusha and Prakriti. These are terms used by the Indian philosophy of Samkhya, a dualistic outlook that enumerates how the world comes into being.

In Samkhya, Purusha is the cosmic spirit and Prakriti is nature. Together, they are the origin … Continue Reading…

An Avatar of the People

On a recent retreat with Lorne and Lucia, we discussed the embodiment of divinity. They observed that nobody alive today fully embodies Divinity. If they did, we’d be in a different age.

Lucia mentioned Kalki (an avatar) as a collective. That triggered an understanding here.

To explain, you may recall an article from 2014 called The Second Stage where I was observing a new stage of development in consciousness or the collective.

The first stage is when a law of nature that had long been dormant is awakened by a human capable of living … Continue Reading…

Lorne Webcasts

A few weeks ago, Lorne Hoff shifted to using YouTube for the Sunday evening webcast.
Among other advantages, the webcast is available for 12 24 hours if you’re not able to watch during. While live is the most potent, if you’re in Europe or work evenings, it gives you an option.

Be sure to bookmark the viewing page when you first visit. Now you get an emailed link to the latest broadcast when you subscribe.

When the calls first became more widely available in 2007, we were using a somewhat flaky … Continue Reading…

Melting the Body

I spoke recently about liberating the person. This is a stage well after we have liberated the soul and woken up to our universal nature. As we grow into our universal nature, there is an unfolding embodiment, a descent of the divine into form. How effective that is depends on how able we are to support it. What that means varies some by person.

We gradually come to see the body as cosmic. As that becomes progressively embodied and the physiology gradually adapts to sustaining that presence, we find a refinement even of the surface physical form.

The … Continue Reading…

Pure Devotion

On a recent retreat, Lorne Hoff spoke on pure devotion.

This isn’t the devotion of earlier stages of development in the awakening heart. Rather there is continuous devotion when all of creation has become recognized as surrendering to source. After God Realization, we may have united with the divine. What then is there to be devoted to? As Lorne put it, we step into pure devotion, devotion to devotion itself.

I’ve spoken before about how, once Brahman is established, there are no longer stages in consciousness. We have gone beyond even that. What then remains … Continue Reading…

Being the Now

I notice Lorne and Lucia have posted some new clips on their video channel.

Here’s a bit from a retreat, Being the Now. (I’m one of the people laughing)

On Youtube

Lorne tends to speak quietly, so some of the clips will need turning up the speakers. The most recent clips are from longer talks available for purchase & download from their web site. Handy if you can’t listen to the Sunday evening webcast.

Life Joy

Here’s a couple of clips with Lorne & Lucia I’ve enjoyed.
Life Joy: the most important thing to “get”.

On YouTube

Being the Now
: it’s not personal

On YouTube

This second clip is from a retreat where I’ll be once again this coming weekend.

For links to some of the other articles here on them, see this summary page or browse the LuciaLorne category on the right pick list. You can also browse their YouTube channel Continue Reading…


Recently, I saw a DVD talk by Lorne Hoff called Zero. Part of the talk was a kind of countdown of the stages:

3 – dimensions of space, the field of multiplicity in typical waking state. (and dreams)

2 – absolute and relative in Cosmic Consciousness – Atman and the world, the second perhaps seen as illusion.

1 – the Oneness of Unity

0Brahman, beyond being and non-being, nothing or zero.

In a sense, the number zero is a better representation … Continue Reading…

Lorne and Lucia Retreats

I was recently on another Lorne and Lucia retreat. As usual, the presence of the gathered group was very powerful and helped trigger another opening.

It’s evolved a great deal since I first started going on the retreats about 7 years ago. Many of those who woke back in the day are now very established or have moved into higher stages. This creates a very powerful group, even just sitting around the table at meals. The intensity of presence created by just coming together is remarkable.

I’ve been to retreats where 1,500, 2,000, even 8,000 … Continue Reading…

The Experience

As readers of this blog know, I rarely talk about my own experience because it has little meaning without context. However, I write from experience unless I indicate otherwise. Today the experience came up in another forum, so I thought it only fair to share that here too.

What is the bare experience? Nothing. Beyond consciousness, what can be experienced?

By this I don’t mean it’s all an illusion as that is something that appears to be happening. Nothing has ever happened nor ever did or will. This is only cosmic “memory”, going back over its musings. It neither exists … Continue Reading…

Refined Brahman

Writing about Brahman in an intelligible way is a little fraught. It’s so beyond most peoples frame of reference that words can be entirely misleading. How do you describe something that is nothing, that is beyond consciousness, beyond existence, and is without qualities or form?

And yet for someone in Brahman stage of development, that’s all there (is). To say it is nothing is to completely misrepresent it. To say it is something even more so. To confuse it with the emptiness of early Self Realization is a complete error. This is much deeper … Continue Reading…