The Body Is

The Body Is

Another recent quote from Lorne Hoff:
“The body is just the process of experience. We’re the experiencer.”

Understanding this quote requires some background in the nature of consciousness. Deep within and infusing all is pure Divinity. Pure Divinity is unexpressed yet its inherent qualities lead to expression. Alertness is stirred by aliveness to become consciousness which flows. Consciousness curves back on itself and becomes self aware.

Self-aware consciousness is one but has 3 aspects: the observer, the observed or object of experience (itself), and the process of experience.

The distinction between observer and observed creates a subtle space into which the process of experience moves. The steps in the process of experience give rise to our sense of time. Aliveness stirs consciousness into vibrating within itself. The relationships between these aspects lead to structure and fields. From this, all forms and phenomena arise.

When Self Realization dawns, we wake up from thinking we’re the body-mind into being the experiencer, the observing Self of consciousness. This is quite distinct, even in where we are relative to the body. Coming back to the original quote, we’re the experiencer and no longer experience ourselves as the body-mind. It’s seen as a vehicle of experience.

As our experience deepens and we recognize the mechanics of how our body has come to be and what is expressing it, we recognize it as an expression of the laws of nature that create the process of experience.

What’s remarkable here is that each of those laws of nature have an I-sense, an identity. Like us, each of them have the subtle intention to know and to be. Each of them can wake up through our embodiment of awakening. As more of us embody deep awakening, we immerse all of nature in Divinity, fulfilling their evolution.

This is true on multiple levels – from the cells in our body, through the laws of nature, and into the devata running the whole process.

Just as awakening changes our sense of self, then moves forward though all layers of experience, so too does this unfolding change everything that supports us. As this is happening on the cosmic level as well, it raises the potential of every form being expressed. This will have profound long-term benefits for everyone.


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    1. Hi Michael
      It’s useful to mention that everything may have that I sense but may not be identified with it the same way we were. Cells of a kidney, for example, know themselves as a cell but also as part of the kidney. There isn’t the separation there.

      Similarly with the devata -they know their relationship with the whole.

      But curiously, this also means it’s hard for them to awaken. We, as this avatar for the system, have a higher contrast experience and the potential to go beyond it. Then we can bring everything else along for the ride.

      The complexity of this creation is quite astonishing.

      Enjoy your flight over yet another sea. India is almost the opposite side of the world from here. But your home is almost the opposite from HI. 🙂

  1. Uli

    Hi, David,
    I’d like to know your thoughts about this:

    “The recent knowledge that has been developed in the West, such as bioenergetics and Reichian work, has enabled us to use the body in a very precise and effective way in order to unravel the psychological and essential states in a direct way. Working with and through the body makes the issues more accessible, and therefore the essential states more accessible. The body is a storage house of our unconscious and our being. The diamond guidance has made it clear how the different clusters of issues and essential states are located in different parts of the body. By undoing the body armor, we can release the psychological and spiritual content that is being held. The human body is the most miraculous instrument that we know of so far. It is not what we think it is. It is a grand vehicle that contains within it different layers of consciousness within the body. There are so many spiritual centers that can connect us to all of the layers of existence. Many think that in order to be spiritual we have to leave the body. I believe that through our body we can merge with the Infinite. Our body is fully equipped with every possible capacity of perceiving the universe.

    Using different modern approaches such as Reichian breath work, in-depth massages, cranial sacral work, and other techniques help us attain spiritual fulfillment much faster than if we just work on it analytically.” (Faisal Muqaddam)

    1. Hi Uli
      From the perspective here, the smoothest path is that of transcendence or samadhi. Going beyond the mind and touching source. Then, in that deep rest much of the “body armor” falls away. However, I have found that some supplemental energy healing is useful as we can have knots that are reinforced by our life circumstances, habits and such. We could call this the inside-out approach.

      The approach he’s suggesting is outside-in. Focusing on healing the body to open us up to the inner. It should be noted though that what he means by “body” here is not just the physical but he mentions subtler layers where holding takes place. You can’t get at that with purely physical techniques but some physical techniques lead to relaxation, which allows healing.

      There is a percent of the population that is more somatic and thus will respond well to an approach like this. But I’ve found more people respond to transcendence. Of the people I know who are well along, most took that route.

      But I quite agree with his comments on “leaving” the body. Transcendence only has value when we bring it forward into all the layers of our experience and embody it, even in the physical. After we wake up, it is presence and not transcendent.

      If one does take a somatic approach, I’d recommend a study of eastern approaches from Yoga, Ayurveda, etc as these have a deep understanding of the physiology and bring balance and healing that is more comprehensive than a specific thing like massage or breath work. The Ayurvedic cleanse I did recently, for example, was light years ahead of what I’d used in the past.

      1. Uli

        Hi David,
        The potential problem with the “transcendence” approach I see (and I have found: “The body itself is the disease”, Ramana Maharshi) is that it has devolved into a dismissing or lack of love for the manifestation – to put mildly – which is also Divinity…isn’t it? Quite shocking, I’d say).
        I’m wondering if the reason most of the people you know have awoken through the transcendence is simply….because they move in similar transcendent paths.
        In my twenties, I was (probably) guided from within to practice the other approach, immanent transcendence…lying on bed for many hours, until I began to experience a feeling of as being crushed, then a inner spinning, and then the physical body began to move spontaneously (thinking of the imagery of Shakti dancing over the inert Shiva).
        In recent years, mystic and ancient Greek scholar Peter Kingsley has retrieved for the West its spiritual roots, coming from Mongolia Tibet:going through the senses.

        The same with esoteric teachings from Native American teachers: in the woods, eyes open, communing with Nature….exactly the same with ancient Kabbalistic teachings, retrieved by Rabbi Gershon Winkler…

        Also thinking of the co-founders of the Diamond Approach, of how the mystical initiation began to happen after going deep into the physical body.

        1. Hi Uli
          The problem is not with transcendence, it’s with applying a renunciate approach inappropriately. Only a small % of the population is suited to that path.

          For most, the key is transcendence, then going back into the world. This alternation integrates the two so it’s a lived experience, right in the life (and body).

          Further, if there is that culturing of the feminine, there won’t be that dismissal of the form.

          My early circles are mainly with people on a similar path but I’ve spread far from that since. Sure, people with a similar approach are more inclined to gather but I also note the approach of the old texts.

          By transcendence, I don’t just mean an effortless meditation. I mean anything that gets you there. You use the example of body awareness, which is a means. There are many, many ways. But as you note, it’s not a quick way. Very handy if theres big releases taking place. But there are also issues with long term practice of body awareness techniques. (identification, dulling the mind, etc)

          And yes, there is great value in being in nature. But if you’re also connecting to source directly, this is greatly enhanced. This is why Yoga speaks of limbs. Develop one and it supports all the others.

          It is a complex subject and there is no one formulae that fits all subjects. But I’ve seen many people take up effortless meditation over the decades – some already in advanced stages – and it’s always enhanced their process. It’s not for everyone but its a benefit for most.

          1. Nicole brook

            Do you not believe that people can just connect to the truth of their being ahd know that they are one with the Great I AM. In this , all is theirs and manifestation is naturally abundant.
            It’s about knowing who we are are. Pure and simple.

          2. Hi Nicole
            Recognizing our higher nature is very valuable. It can reframe our life and promote well-being. However, belief and concepts are only the mind. That only takes us so far.

            The deeper change happens when we know it by being it. We’re no longer a person experiencing I Am, we are Being itself. This might be called the first stage of enlightenment.

            Ken Wilbur talks of “Wake up, Grow up, Clean up.” In other words, no matter how clear we are about who we are, if we’re still acting out our traumas, our life will still be creating problems.

            Human potential is much greater than ideas. Better stories about “reality” and “truth” can be beneficial but are still a box. Our true nature is infinite, more even than the “Great I Am”.

            I say this not from belief but from experience.

  2. Nicole

    Hi Davidya,
    I really appreciate your response. I’m not talked by about knowing God with the mind , I’m speaking about becoming one with so knowing is the whole . We may have different ways of saying the same thing. I’m speaking from experience as well – the Christ consciousness. I’m aware of when I fall back into human as in God consciousness, everything flows in perfection. Being able to speak the word into existence

    1. Ah wonderful, Nicole.

      Interesting – I don’t frame God consciousness quite that way. More that there’s the stages in relationship to consciousness (what some call the masculine) and the stages in refinement and the awakening heart (the feminine).

      The later requires more of the “clean up” and is less common in the west.

      If you’re not familiar, I review the stages here:
      My last 2 talks at the SAND conference both explore the topic from different perspectives, if you prefer video. (see the Media tab)

      Of course, there are many variations in terminology, framing and experience. The key is understanding the underlying process. Then we can point to what supports that for best results. 🙂

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