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AWS Webcast

Awareness by Kevin Dooley
Awareness by Kevin Dooley

Something I’ve mentioned before, and on the About page, is that the awakening here happened listening to Lorn Hoff on a conference call.

He’s still offering them free on Sunday evenings (Pacific time) but now as a webcast.

There is a sign-up to subscribe to the weekly link. Because it’s livestreamed, the link is different each week, and it’s set up so only those interested are listening. This avoids random people coming and going, disrupting the wholeness.

The focus of these sessions is awakening. Awakening is the Self waking up to itself. Lorn speaks from the Self to the Self (consciousness) in you. That can facilitate the recognition, if you’re ripe and the timing is right.

Normally, when we listen to a talk, we listen from the mind to understand what is being said. However, in this case, we want to settle into silent presence and listen from there. Lorn’s talk is not for the mind. If you listen from the mind, it may not make sense or will be boring. Listen from your inner wakefulness to the flow of the words, less to the words themselves.

Also, Lorn speaks very quietly as he is speaking to silence. You may find it easier to listen with headphones or powered speakers. But again, it’s not about the words, so don’t strain to hear. That’s mind.

Others have woken listening to the webcasts too. Or reading his book. Even more have woken on their retreats where the intensity of silence is more sustained.

This is a good part of how I’ve observed many awaken and how they’ve experienced the process. This has heavily informed my work.

If you resonate, the webcasts are an excellent resource.

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  1. George Robinson

    Except for a few teaser glimpses over the last 48 years, awakening has not yet happened here, nor do I expect it to, or even so much as hope anymore. Nonetheless, I rarely miss the Sunday evening opportunity to lay my soul and being open at Lorn’s feet every week, trusting him absolutely and completely. Between you and Lorn, I am so profoundly grateful for and to you both.

    1. Hi George
      Ironically, when we give up the search, that’s sometimes when it happens. But yeah, it’s not really up to us. When we’re ready and the enhancement of our laws of nature is right, it comes unexpectedly.

      You’re welcome. I just do what I’m called to do. Happy that’s beneficial. 🙂

  2. Sandesh Sheth

    I tried listening multiple times. I was using my mind and I did find it boring and slow. The question is, do I continue and hope and pray that the mind stops getting involved? Or is there a way for me to mind my mind? It is a Catch 22 for me – I am not there but without any effort I may never get there. Or is there a way to be effortless with effort?

    1. Hi Sandesh
      You raise an important point. If your inner wakefulness is not established enough yet, you can’t settle into it and listen from there. The webcast and various practices like mindfulness will have little value as those resources are not available to you yet.

      As Yoga tells us, the key is samadhi. By regularly touching into our deeper nature, it becomes familiar. Gradually, it becomes available to us at any time. Just stopping for a moment, we naturally settle into it. Then we can listen from there.

      And that sets the stage for the Self to recognize itself.

      Mind can’t even know itself as it’s in itself. It’s an excellent tool for some things. But not this.

    1. Hi Guru
      Awakening doesn’t change our humanity, it changes our relationship with it.

      Atman – consciousness, particularly global awareness that is already self-aware.
      Jiva – point value of consciousness, the experiencer in the form, the soul.
      Ahamkara – I sense, what is commonly translated as ego. An effect of the intellect.
      Asmita – possessive my sense. An effect of identification.
      Mind – a field in which associations play out.
      Personality – the expressed self. This is a combination of our active laws of nature, experiences, and habits. Others see this differently than we do.

      There are various ways this can be experienced and framed but in essence, for most people, they experience themselves as this body-mind, identified with the content of experience and possessed by that. Awakening is called liberation as we step back out of this box.

      Generally, we get to know jiva first, then the point wakes up to its wholeness. The possessive self then falls away, the I sense is freed, and we know ourselves as Atman. That’s the first of 7 stages of enlightenment.

  3. Mary Gwen Dungan

    Well, that was quite something.
    It made perfect sense and was quite moving, particularly at the end.
    Thanks you so much for introducing me (and everyone else) to this, David.

  4. Walt L DeLong

    Dhanyavad Davidya, I listened to it and it was exceptional. I think his direct method is powerful and lets people see the truth and clear up misperceptions they may have had reading books and such. I’ve listened to him before, and think I will buy some of his talks. I’m still listening to and reading your work as well, and looking forward to your new material!

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