Perspective and Perception

Perspective and Perception

I talk a lot here about stages of development in consciousness aka stages of enlightenment. This is to offer context for the various experiences and teachings out there and help us gain a better understanding of the path.

But sometimes, it’s useful to hear it all said a different way. On a recent retreat, Lorne Hoff spoke of Purusha and Prakriti. These are terms used by the Indian philosophy of Samkhya, a dualistic outlook that enumerates how the world comes into being.

In Samkhya, Purusha is the cosmic spirit and Prakriti is nature. Together, they are the origin of the world. This is much like Shiva and Shakti, the Yang and Yin.

As Lorne observed Purusha can be seen as perspective or stage of development and Prakriti can be seen as perception.

Just as knowledge of the world is different in different stages of development, so too is perception different in different perspectives.

As we grow, our perspective changes and with it, our perceptions.
Each stage has its own sense of self and the world, its own sense of reality.

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  1. Rasmus Nertlinge

    “Zero Frequency Drama” I have come to be rather fond of this term to describe the present perspective my sense of I orients with at this stage. it came out of a poem a while back, and I feel it’s to be a good pointer in nudging my attention back to the holistic truth of this moment. No matter how dramatic reality appears, the drama truly resides in zero frequency. All form of conflict, is self conflict. Once we recognize the absolute privacy of this moment, all we see is the beautiful and wacky mirrors in the self educating ‘fun house’.

    Watching a movie with a classic Hero/villan dynamic and understanding them as essentially friends playing out theatrical Art is a good metaphorical exercise. Or even deeper, Sync perspective with the notion that all action is derived from the same source (script). The movie Austin Powers is a perfect example within this density, where the Hero and Villan is played by the same actor.

    And I fully agree, perspective changes perception through out the journey.

    Here is the poem for reference;

    *Feeling the being behind the story*

    metaphorical understanding

    within every demonic presence

    hides an angelic essence

    like the villan and hero in a film

    will take brakes between takes

    share a good laugh

    and cup of tea

    behind the scenes

    of duality

    the assumed drama is

    zero frequency

    /Star Raz Dust

    1. Thanks for sharing, Raz. I wouldn’t call it “privacy” myself as it all happens on a common stage. But yeah – thats another perspective. (laughs)

      It can be a difficult experience when we first realize our hand in conflicts and the convoluted ways of the ego. But yeah, we do then cease giving the drama importance when we find ourselves playing all the parts. It can then seem more a goofy comedy. At least until the divine flows start to become conscious. 🙂

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