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Path by Tim Green

On this blog, I recommend a specific approach and practices. I’ve seen this as very effective for quality of life, smooth awakening, and a full process including the refined stages. Each of us uniquely combines laws of nature. This is designed specifically to contribute another perspective to the whole. We’re designed to be distinctive variations on a theme. What I recommend will support many paths, but we each have our own journey to take. What will support your journey will also be distinct. Some of us find an obvious line early on. Others need to sample from different approaches, perhaps … Continue Reading…

Our Bodies

Bodies by Toshiyuki IMAI

Like so many things on a spiritual journey, we can experience our body in a vast range of ways. Most people experience their physical body and have an internal experience of thoughts and emotions. Some come to experience energy fields and auras, learning to see or feel them. Some notice their mind is like a field surrounding the entire body. And so forth. This leads to descriptions of 5 koshas, sheaths, or “bodies”; the food (physical), emotional, mental, intellect, and causal. In Brahman stage, you can come to see consciousness itself as a universal kosha. Add the field of creation … Continue Reading…

A Third Conversation with Andrew Hewson

Blue feather

Andrew and I first had a conversation with Dorothy Rowe last fall, then followed up with just the two of us in conversation on the stages of enlightenment. In December Andrew and I had a second conversation. And now, we’ve had another wide-ranging discussion. The focus was primarily of the refinement of perception, healing, and the unfolding of the layers of Divinity (the topic of my 2nd dissertation). On Youtube

Respect for the Personal

On articles like The Power of Mantra, I’ve mentioned the personal mode of experiencing the world through the heart. I thought we should take the point a little further. First, when we talk about experiencing angels, gods, and the Divine in form, we want to understand some distinctions. There is the level of belief and of following established rituals. These are usually based on someone’s prior experience, often passed down for hundreds of years. Those who are not “believers” may sensibly dismiss such things as superstition. Yet just because you’ve not been to Marrakesh doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If … Continue Reading…

Collective Growth


We’re in a time where the unresolved is being pushed the surface to be seen and released. Old structures and routines are being shaken to their core. It’s easy to fall into fear in times like these. But better to use the time for introspection, for letting go of what has not been serving, and for looking at life anew. When the old falls away, new doors open. But if we try to hold to the old, it will drag us down. This is not an end for anyone. Our souls are eternal. But it is a change for many. … Continue Reading…

Mind and Cognition


A question came up I thought would be useful to share here. How do we give words to cognitions if they arise from beyond the intellect? First: what do I mean by cognition here? A cognition is a style of experience that is total knowledge about the object of experience, all at once. It tends to be about some fundamental aspect or law of creation. While everyone can use ritam* to experience what a rishi or seer has cognized, only some people have the gift of cognition. I define the types of cognition here. Quite a few kinds of experience … Continue Reading…

It’s All About Relationship

relationships are complicated by hojusaram

While historical spirituality has emphasized renunciation and withdrawal from the world, this camouflages a key detail. It’s All about Relationship. Who we are, everything we experience, and everything we know is all through relationship. Fundamentally, on the level of consciousness itself. In a pure Shiva way, alertness is simply alert. It is not alert to anything. For experience to arise, consciousness must be stirred awake and then recognize itself. It’s through the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness that all experience arises. Self-interacting means relating with itself. Some describe the self-interacting dynamics as the Shiva and Shakti aspects of consciousness, in relationship. … Continue Reading…

Four Flavours of Dharma


I’ve observed that while dharma is often translated to mean purpose, it more precisely means ‘that which sustains‘ – those actions which sustain the world so we can grow and evolve through experiences. Otherwise, entropy sets in and it all dissolves. I’ve also spoken of the 4 legs of the bull of dharma: Tapas – warming Saucha – purity Daya – compassion Satya – truth During a low age, only the leg of truth remains as a clear path. As the age rises, dharma is supported more and more. Thus a smoother and more roundly successful life can unfold. It … Continue Reading…

A Conversation with Andrew Hewson on the Stages of Enlightenment


After our conversation with Dorothy Rowe earlier this month, Andrew Hewson suggested we have another conversation ourselves. We explored the stages of enlightenment and some variations in terminology around the topics. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. On YouTube

Where is the Resistance?

Resistance by Monika

The experience of resistance can be a very useful flag. But it’s important to look into it and see where it’s coming from. Is it within us or from around us? Where do we feel it? If an event arises in life and we have a strong and sustained reaction, we know there is an inner resistance and an emotional charge here to be resolved. For example, someone makes an off-hand comment that dismisses something important to us. Do we roll our eyes or flame up in anger and resentment? The latter shows a past experience is influencing our present. … Continue Reading…

The Utah Talks – 2

Lake Powell, Utah

< Talk 1 This talk started with a 10 min meditation that was not recorded. I start with a bit about listening from silent presence rather than the mind. As one participant said, they didn’t understand any of it but really enjoyed listening. (laughs) Theres a bit of breakup towards the end of this talk. Links to Topics: Doership Free Will and Determinism Natures Support Association of Spiritual Integrity The Humanity of a Teacher Right Action Wake Up, Grow up, Clean Up Dorothy Rowe Hypnosis Sanskrit vs English Name and Form Stages of Becoming The Structure of the World Cognition … Continue Reading…

The Utah Talks – 1

Salt Lake City

Traveling into Utah was a distinctive experience. The altitude is over 4,000 feet and the air dry. The plain by a salt lake is surrounded by large mountains. Salt Lake City has no apparent apartment towers and is spread wide. This is Mormon country. The entire county has streets and addresses laid out on a grid starting from the main temple. The group consciousness has a curious constraint and unsettledness. The talks took place in a private residence, about 2 dozen chairs spread through the living and dining rooms. Attendees were a very diverse group – in age, stage, background, … Continue Reading…