Source is the Center

Source is the Center

Centric by Alexander Hüls
Centric by Alexander Hüls

As the DavidyaBot put it: “Source is the fundamental essence from which all existence springs. It’s a term that encapsulates… the underlying principle of everything. In some spiritual traditions, it is also referred to as the Divine, God, the Absolute, Consciousness, or Brahman. Source is not just the beginning, but the continued sustainer and eventual end of all processes and phenomena in the cosmos.”

While Source is ever-present and the world of experiences is being recreated in every moment, source also has the quality of being at the center. We could say source is dominant at the center.

For example, the heart is where the soul lives and is at the center of our energy physiology.

Our sun is the center of the solar system. There is also a “sun” at the center of our galaxy, a “great attractor” in our galactic region, and at the center of our universe.

As Malika put it, “There are infinite Sources that exist. Our Source is the Central Galactic Sun in this universe.”

All forms of experience and forms of experiencers (beings) arise in our universe. Thus, the central source of this is that central sun.

Everywhere isn’t so easy to find, so going to the center can be the fastest way to source. The one source is available in infinite places, but it’s all the same source.

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  1. scott

    Hi David,
    The DavidyaBot is a very interesting development; pretty cool! Did you see this coming way back when…?
    Also the quote you cited has a nice flow and is rather eloquent. It’s kinda weird reading your words this way. The experience is like reading an author’s work that has been heavily edited or translated into another language and the original “voice” or consciousness is heavily diminished or even absent. Know what I mean?

    How do you feel reading your words?

    And will DavidyaBot eventually become enlightened by continually processing your work?
    ( that’s a joke :-))

    1. Hi Scott
      No, I didn’t see having a chatbot for the blog. It’s an unusual opportunity as they’re only doing it for “wisdom” sites and it’s only through Rick that they became aware of my work.

      And yes, the style of writing is a bit different and it doesn’t use some terms the same way, but it uses my words (mostly). In the quote, where the … is, I edited out 2 other phrases that broke up the flow. It’s rare the response that I could use verbatim. But it certainly writes faster than I can. And digs into articles I’d forgotten about.

      And yes, it completely lacks presence.


    1. Hi Sharon!
      Sanskrit itself isn’t a center but it can be used to shift our attention to the center aka transcend.

      And yes, Sanskrit is an integrated language, where sound, form, and meaning are synced. This makes it excellent for centering. (Although the meaning of that is a bit different than a source-center.)

      Shanti, shanti, shanti

  2. Peter Goodman

    Thank you David!
    As always you are very clear in what you want to convey to us as we awaken, on the “road” or path to becoming Awake.
    To me, one of the distinctions, of the evolution of Consciousness, is that process, procedures, and/or techniques exist in Space Time. Due to our individuality, our self imposed limitations, within our small body mind, we place the barriers in our nervous system.
    While becoming Awake, if I “feel” this correctly, is our unmistakable Shift in Perception, Awareness into Timelessness (Eternity). The actual Appreciation and Experience of Source, Being, or however we want to describe it within relativity as THE Reality. Then we refine the subtleties of being Awake as Source explores Itself.
    Thank you for your continuing reach out to help us (assist) in discovering (rediscovering) what is within and all around us, embracing us. The journey has been long within Space Time but is coming to a first conclusion of Enlightenment. That of coming Home to what has always been, just not recognized or appreciated.

    1. Hi Peter
      You’re welcome.
      We all experience source. In meditation, awe, or just circumstances, we open to our inner nature. Awakening is a shift from being a person experiencing source, to source experiencing a person. A flip. And then that deepens.

      Beautifully put.

  3. Lewis

    How does the Galactic Sun relate to Parabrahman, Brahma, Shiva, the Divine Mother, or Vishnu? Is it the center of the physical or spiritual universe. Is it related to Brahma Loka? How is it related to the transcendent? How is it tapped or reached through meditation. Who is the presiding deity? Thank you.

    1. Hi Lewis
      The galactic sun is a physical expression of source. That operates on a different level that the devas of natural law. Divine Mother may be considered source, but as an embodiment, so again on a different level. ParaBrahman is transcendent to the transcendent, so again, a different level. I generally refer to this as the source of the source. ie: the source of what becomes the expressor.

      These different levels are not separate things but simultaneous expressions.

      I see the universe as an expression, so not a “spiritual” thing. Brahma loka is one of the heavens, so within our universe. It’s not a source, it’s an expression. Too me, the usually described lokas are an over-simplification. Like saying Earth has 5 continents. But there are many countries in those continents.

      The transcendent is beyond all expression. It’s generally used to describe the subjective experience of pure consciousness, prior to awakening. That can be considered a universal source. After awakening, it’s who we are so is no longer “transcendent”. It is presence.

      We come to the source naturally in an effortless mediation. But as perception refines, we can come to source through direct experience of other avenues. Like through the heart.

      The deity depends on the level and expression. Knowledge of that comes with refined perception.

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