Kristin Kirk on Endless Possibilities

Kristin Kirk on Endless Possibilities

Over the years, I’ve written several posts about Kristin Kirk’s work as a healer. Also about her talks (and her recording my talks at SAND). Recently, she interviewed with Gareth & Eva on Endless Possibilities.

On YouTube

I quite enjoyed it as she shared some of her experience and process in ways she often doesn’t. I’ve had some similar, so I can relate. There are not a lot of places you can talk about some of this. Loved the part about crystals, too.

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    1. Ditto, Harriet.
      I first met her at SAND and a group of us spent the day at Sophia U doing the panel and became friends.

      She’s avoided using traditional terminology, which sometimes makes finding words difficult. I look forward to her books too.

  1. Giovanni Ghirardi

    Hi Davidya
    Can you answer Gareth’s question about why the experiences after awakening decreased for him and Eva and increased for Kristin? did Kristin’s enlightenment process take a different direction? with greater refinement of perception?

    1. Hi Giovanni
      It’s hard to say specifically. But it’s not unusual for some things to fall away with the shift. If what was driving that was out of dharma, for example. Or was driven by the ego. Further, with the shift, we stop caring about stuff that’s not important. It becomes more about the container than the content.

      The phase of development can also make a difference too. A refinement stage tends to bring out more perceptions. A shift in consciousness deemphasizes content. And in Kristin’s case, as she mentioned, she came into this life with a lot of refinement already developed.

      Also, this stuff grows with attention. If we don’t feed it, it can fade. I’m aware of all sorts of types of beings, for example, but have not cultured that with a few exceptions. Kristin, on the other hand, does her healing with subtle beings and so has developed those skills.

      But yes, if the dharma calls for it, it gets amplified. Eva’s style of healing is quite different and has not necessitated that. Malika’s style does use them but not to the same degree.

  2. Erick

    Perhaps he stopped wanting to go anywhere after awakening because there was nowhere left to go? The push of expansion into relative areas (even refined relative realms) can drop off precipitously when one is already everything/everywhere. You can be perfectly balanced just Being. At least that’s what happened for me. It took many years, and a conscious intent to continue that refinement process.

    Thanks for the link to this interview. I’m deeply moved by Kristen’s being. I had not heard of her before, but will most likely look her up for a consultation. Certain people are catalytic, and I feel that with her.
    And thanks for your continual work. I look on from the wings mostly, but appreciate your voice and contributions. Keep it up.


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