Our Family

Our Family

Family by SmallCurio
Family by SmallCurio

We live in a sea of relationships, our lives interconnected with others through birth, karma, and shared origins.

Interconnected groups of these relationships are like tiers of family.

Our Birth family: the usual family we’re born into. In exchange for a birth, we take on some of their ancestral baggage, hopefully to help clear some and lift the load for everyone.

Our Social families: our close friends groups we choose through life. These can include things like school buddies, work friends, the climbing group, and the dance class. These groups may overlap a bit but are often quite distinct.

Our Soul family: those souls we’re travelling together with. We can have history in just about any combination with another soul: as a parent, child, sibling, friend, lover, or all of the above in various lives.

Our Galactic family: when our origins are extraterrestrial or devic, they’re the larger soul family we’re created with. These are the deepest and oldest connections that transcend our human lives.

Some will come into our lives for a short time to work out what remains unresolved between us (karma). And some will be with us for long periods.

There are many combinations that can arise. It depends on our baggage and connections. Our birth family can include (or not) members of our soul family, as can our Social families. Galactic connections are less common in the physical but deeply enriching.

We can come to know many of our Soul and Galactic families, but many won’t be with us physically as we’re at different points in our journey. Instead, we’ll meet them within.

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  1. Tyler

    Beautify put David and thank you for sharing.

    Are you familiar with the works of Dr. Michael Newton? He holds a doctorate in Counselling Psychology and has had a very long and involved career that touches upon investigation of just this and much more (life between lives). With over 30 years of research through the eyes of 7000 clients he has produced some wonderful and uplifting books based upon his research.

    I cannot recommend his work more it is so full of light and hope for those that may be suffering or plagued by the bigger questions about our existence.

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Hi Tyler
      No, I’ve not. But I have seen some fascinating research and have experienced some of it myself.

      We’re in this together and have a team supporting us and others sharing our journey. There is life on every level of existence. As Blake said, we just have to open the doors of perception.

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