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My Friend by rippchenmitkraut66
My Friend by rippchenmitkraut66

On a recent retreat, Malika explored purpose and a technique for connecting with ours. It surprised me how insightful this was.

She shared what Source said on the topic. “All beings together are the system of the universe.” We are the mechanism for the universe to know itself and to evolve.

“Even in the divine realms, every being plays an important role in serving, nurturing and upholding the pure light that is.”

Thus, our own role is in how we serve the whole.

“All of creation is built upon service. Hence, your purpose is your way of serving Source in your daily physical life. It is a way of channeling your Source consciousness and essence down into matter.”

In the cosmic or spiritual sense, our purpose is to come to know Source, and integrate that so it is more fully expressed.

“Discovering your purpose in your life means discovering your Source Self within you and allowing it to express through its natural creativity. One of the most important things for Source is to be able to express itself through you.”

The trick is, we’re never not in service. Yet if we can make this conscious, we’re more in alignment and not creating friction and difficulty for ourselves and others (aka karma). I’ll come back to this point further along.

This isn’t just abstract, but right in the mundane. Our laws of nature structure our physiology and the world around us, so we naturally move toward our purpose if we’re not getting in the way of it.

“What is the point of spirituality if you do not enjoy the human experience? Spirituality is not meant to be suffering. It’s meant to be joyful, transformative, and creative.”

We’re here to use our skills to serve the whole, be it in business, in art, in educating, in building, or in raising children. Our service is our purpose and its expression can evolve and shift in time as the needs of the whole change.

“Connecting to your purpose also allows you to transcend the lower vibrations and distortions that come up within you and around you… because in that moment, you’re merging with the Source within you, which automatically takes you into a higher state of being.”

What is our skill set and how can that be used to fulfill a need of the whole? I’m reminded of young entrepreneurs seeking the unmet need they can serve.

On reflection, I’ve realized I’ve been serving my purpose or working out karma much of my life. It would be difficult for it to be otherwise, as that would push against all of nature. However, often I wasn’t very conscious about it. I resisted and got in the way of the process. By connecting to source and making it conscious, you can move your life onto a whole other level, where your actions are supported and desires fulfilled. When we support the whole, the whole supports us.

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    Are you allowed to share that technique?

    The “relationship karma disolver” that Malika shared in her newsletter is also gold.
    Of course helps with karma clearing…but used on ex romantic partners helps with the internal yin/Yang merging… as they were part of an external manifestation of our the yin/Yang balance.

    Much love David

    1. Hi Michael
      The approach is simple but was taught with a transmission and a reading from source, which I quoted some of in the article. Purpose was one of 4 topics she taught, plus communicating with your mantra.

      The technique was in learning to communicate with Source. To have a conversation. That wasn’t new for me, but the approach was different. Communicating with my mantra was very new. I have an article coming up on that.

      Relationships was another one of the topics. There are so many ways we can get entangled with someone we’ve been close to (laughs).

        1. Hi Sharon
          Most newsletters are not indexed online. I’m not sure which newsletter he’s referring to but it’s worth subscribing to. Some are just mentioning upcoming events but some have great tips articles.

          1. Peter Goodman

            It is in the recent newsletter, that I cannot locate, with the 6 line prayer.
            Malika received it from Source in helping me in a Healing session and said “… that can help others!” after she relayed it to me and immediately said it was going in the Newsletter. The thing that is “I” is humbled to be a conduit, to be of service, to others through Malika. In my process of Healing with Malika through Source may we all help and be assistance to everyone.
            The Prayer is powerful – I am using it every AM and add a PM before falling to sleep.

            “I am a pure, powerful soul.
            You are a pure, powerful soul. 
            Forgive me for what I did to you in the past. 
            I forgive you for what you are doing to me now.
            Our karmic record is broken forever. Never to come back again. 
            The only thing between us now is love and respect.”

        2. Michael


          It is Malikas newsletter . You can subscribe on her website for free. She shared a “relationshipkarma disolver” in the last one she sent out.

          Hope that helps

  2. harrison

    Great to see and review these points about deepening consciousness through our worldly gifts that define how we serve humanity and fulfill our purpose. Trusting the flow of life and timing so that whatever shows up, including adversity as well as progress, is in support of our highest unfoldment.
    Now the trick is to take this download, energetic and conceptual, and more fully integrate it in daily life. What might change in our reality, both external and internal, if we make this inner shift?

  3. Lynette

    Wow! I have always asked life, how can I serve you. This now gives clarity, that whatever I am doing is to serve life or source. Therefore, do it well to the best of my ability in the state of my consciousness. Whatever I do I offer it to the Divine.

  4. Bill

    It is kind of funny how all of this appears and reappears within time. It is like a reminder, an attention getter so to speak. Our service to the collective is mandated by our being here and when we can understand that, the pushes and pulls of lifes energies change and become the fodder for our being. Most of us are not aware of the simplicity of harmony and that makes this a formidable Bardo. However, when “plugged in” there is little to do but allow the process to mold our lives into merely being this specific entity. As you say, whatever you do, that is the path and in embracing that, we become, and as we become, we see the shared continuity between the collective and the divine beings. We receive through the acceptance of all and we give back to sustain and allow the process to continue to experience itself.

    You have stated as such many tines David and the words you quote above are the same words you have used over the years. Keep up the good work David.

  5. Sharon

    In any moment, what helps me stay more aligned with Source, is simply having the intention for fuller joy or peace or love or truth or beauty or courage. Fuller joy etc. is always possible and is the direction of Source anyway. Might as well let the current take the boat! Thank you for wonderful article.

    1. Well said, Sharon. I would just make one tweak. Rather than seeing them as qualities in the direction of Source, see them as qualities of Source, and call them from Source. Source is very familiar to you. As Malika observed, you can have a conversation with Source and ask it for those qualities.

      Small change but a big difference in your relationship with it.

            1. Because it’s working in source, which is universal and omnipresent. It’s beyond time and space and thus not limited by it.

              In person is the most powerful but I’ve seen a lots of very effective online stuff. I woke up myself listening to an online speaker.

  6. Peter Goodman

    Thank you David, and everyone who is reading and posting on Davidya.
    David … you are powerful,
    We are each powerful.
    And in our group Awareness we are exhibiting the power of Source in its manifesting Creation; as it is clarifying within our individual Awareness toward Awakening.

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