Change and Growth

Change and Growth

Path by Goran Crnkovic
Path by Goran Crnkovic

The relative world is constantly changing. On each level of our life, we’re in a cycle of movement, be it cellular, emotional, organs, mental, energetic, or spiritual.

Some years back, I talked a lot about the cycles of growth. For the new to arise, some old has to fall away. Then growth can happen. And then integration of those changes leading into a new point of balance.

Thus, the cycle is:
balance, disintegration, growth, integration, and repeat

Parts of us will welcome change. Other parts will prefer sustaining, the status quo, stability. We need some of each. Too much stability and we get inertia. Too much movement and things burn.

If we hold on to our accomplishments and possessions after they’ve served us, we may find them weighing us down and holding us back. Sometimes it’s time for a refresh so we can start a new chapter.

At times, just one area of life is obviously shifting. Perhaps our employer has restructured and wants to move us to a different job. But perhaps that job is in another country. Our whole platform changes.

Big changes can sneak up quietly, and we only realize how things have shifted in retrospect. Oh look, I’ve lost weight. Or look how different my social life is now.

Other times, change comes in like an unheralded tidal wave, washing some things away and clearing others. If we stop and consider, we may have gotten prodding to change long before. But when we didn’t, the force of change will build until it comes crashing in. Nature waits for no one.

In a sense, the whole world is on a complex, interconnected schedule. Nothing can fall too far behind. When the plane lands, we have to get off.

All of this points to the value of a spiritual practice. By regularly connecting with our inner nature, we develop a recognition of the unchanging within. We develop a stable platform in the absolute.

Then, when the waves of change move in, we experience them on the surface. They’re not disturbing our sense of calm. Change becomes much easier to swallow. We come to see it as the unfolding play of life, an adventure to enjoy.

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  1. Jeff

    When it comes to change, I have learned to follow the joy. My own inner voice tells me if a major change is about to happen. This gives me time to prepare. I make sure that the shift will flow smoothly. Making adjustments in my life and insuring that others can pick up the responsibility that I had assumed. As a result the following statement rings true to me. ‘When joy wanes, change is coming.” When I get to the fork in the road, I continue to follow my inner joy and nature helps make the transition go smoothly.

    1. Beautiful, Jeff. And yes, I often feel change coming.

      I don’t find a loss of joy is typical but certainly movement. But yes, Joseph Campbell’s advice to “follow the bliss” is excellent.

      Thanks for sharing.

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