Offer it All Back

Offer it All Back

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Recently, I wrote an article called Offer it Back. It’s an important insight on the spiritual journey as we shift from experiencing ourselves as a ‘me’ trying to control life to an awareness observing life unfold. Often there is some area of life were there is still entanglements, where we feel shoulds or musts that are tied to our life roles (something I explored in the Unbalanced Masculine).

As our depth of being opens and we experience life supporting us, we learn to trust and let go of these control memes.

This allows us to let go much more deeply and offer much more back to source. The beauty is we can even offer the consequences of our past back to source. Often, life difficulties arise because of the results of past actions. These were actions driven by ignorance or reactivity that need to rebalance and resolve. They arise from the mechanics of the field of action. Yet we can offer even these back to the source. The source can resolve things much more effectively than we can.

Anything that is happening now, be it illness, happiness, difficulty, conflict, is all happening in the field of life and can be offered back to source. Source moves towards balance and growth so it will bring solutions and resolutions and strengthen our quality of life.

If not, something deeper is holding on and must be surrendered. If we can’t see what is attached, we offer that back too. I don’t mean petition source. I mean surrender it to source. I wrote about that a decade ago.

When we recognize we are the instrument of source, a vessel for expression to flow through, this all becomes very natural.

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  1. Grant

    Thank you. This is very much where I’m at, now. Trying to let go, offer it back and trust.

    I’ve recently realized that all the goals I’ve set for myself never really brought me happiness anyway. Some of the compromises that came with these goals caused more suffering, on balance.

    I actually don’t know what I want. So I’m letting go of expectations and offering it back to source. Life is suddenly shifting, quite dramatically, on it’s own now and I don’t know where it’s going.

    I remember the piece you did on deep prayer and think about it often. “…we come to see all expression as an offering of Self to Itself. All flows within Itself as a prayer to Itself.” I love that.

    1. You’re welcome, Grant.

      It is a sometimes subtle shift but can be quite profound. It does need some trust in life and a little letting go of the ego’s need to feel in control. Otherwise, it doesn’t accept not knowing (even though it never knew).

      Just a note – one can’t “try” to let go. Letting go is a non-doing, an allowing. As Yoda said do or do not, there is no try. (laughs)

      When we trust life, things get a lot smoother. There can certainly be challenges but if we understand that they are arising simply to be seen and resolved, we stop fighting what is here. Life gets a lot better.


  2. Sabrina

    Dear Davidya this is lovely and something i have been practicing. Every time I offer it back and seemingly transcend, a undulating wave of energy moves through my entire body, as if the offering back is then offered back to me. All blessings to you at this Thanksgiving. I am moving to Boulder, Colorado next week where i lived in my 20s and 30s and have dear friends, and excited for the change.

    1. Very good, Sabrina. Exactly what happens. Then offer that back as well. As Dorothy Rowe observes, it will expand out to infinity in a few cycles. (of course, follow the flow without trying to control it.)

      Thank you. As a Canadian, we celebrated Thanksgiving last month. However, I have a good friend here from NY so we’re celebrating a second Thanksgiving this weekend. The majority attending are awake. 🙂

      Good luck with the move and your new home. Sometimes such moves can bring forward new laws of nature to support us. But have your winter gear at the ready. I talked to a friend nearby this evening and it was 17F there. 🙂

  3. Sabrina

    Thanks David i was doing that infinitely offering it back and it is pure bliss.

    I love your comment about the weather after over 30 years in California I am wondering how I will adjust and buying down and boots and gloves!!!!!

    I have a sense of the new laws of nature coming forth and already am feeling the mountain/rock/solidity in contrast to the water/fluidity here . . . .

    1. Perfect. I sometimes wander off in the flow and sometimes can loop it back again. It’s all fine. 🙂

      Yes, I did grad school in the US Midwest. The “winter” coat I had for the Pacific NW was useless. The proper gear made it all fine.

  4. Deborah

    This feels such a transformational practice, which I have never done, and have felt so stuck. As soon as I did it, I felt a wave of energy move through me, big heart opening… opening everywhere, actually. Thanks David.

    1. Hi Deborah
      Yes, it’s an essential learning in unfolding enlightenment. Discovering it deeper and deeper ways that life can flow through us, arising from source and then cycling back to source.

      Dorothy Rowe explores the process extensively in her healing process that I’ve written about here. Her webinars and videos are great ways to practice it in different areas of life.

    1. Sure. The webinars sometimes go in remarkable directions. This weekend was on the mechanics of expansion of consciousness. It included several related and profound healings but also included something for the plant kingdom and for the earths water systems. Healing one thing often leads to the need for balance in another area. 🙂

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