I recently read a great article on author web sites and realized the book and I were still semi-invisible and there were a few other issues with this site. The visibility has been upped, the banner changed, the tag line replaced, and a new “presentation” style of home page is added.

The sidebar has been simplified and a link to the book added, the menu simplified with recommendations merged, a footer section added, and more.

I also need a new head shot as the beard is off again. Took it off for full advantage of the Abhyanga (oleation massage) during the cleanse.

Hope you like the updates. A little more friendly?



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  1. Jim

    Hi David – You *really* look like yourSelf now (on the Home page). What a complete transformation. So much younger and present and vital. Not that you weren’t before, as this blog amply illustrates, though now you look like all the words you have written. Name and form. Amazing! Congratulations on a complete renewal and then some. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Actually that opening photo was last time I had the beard off about 7 months ago. But yes, shaving the beard does take the years off. The photo with JP and on the media link was about 6 weeks later.

      But yes, the cleanse did refresh many things. 🙂

  2. Michelle Ramauro

    Really like what you’ve done with your site! Invites interest and exploration. I haven’t met you in person yet all the photos of you and friends are great. All the best!

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