Going Off-line for a Spring Cleanse

Going Off-line for a Spring Cleanse

From an Ayurvedic perspective, issues that have been building in the physiology come to a head at the change of seasons. Each season has its dominant dosha so when they change in the world, it can amplify imbalances within.

As a result, Ayurveda recommends a cleanse in the spring and fall to re-balance the physiology and maintain health. This year, I’m doing the full deal including panchakarma (meaning 5 actions or treatments).

As a result, for the first week of April I’ll be off-line and not responding to messages or comments. I’ll catch up after I get back.

Meantime, I begin the cleanse tomorrow. Preparing the ground…


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    1. No, this is a program, customized by an Ayervedic technician.

      In this program, I get a kit to do all the routines. It includes various spice blends, oils, and so forth. There’s a prep phase at home, then time in a spa, then more at home. This makes it vastly cheaper than a typical spa or a trip to one in India.

      1. Thanks, Aaron. The article is more about the overall process and advantages than my own experience, but I do touch on a few things. Each persons process and experience will be somewhat different.

        I do hope to get a few articles finished this evening before the next retreat. 🙂

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