The Reality of Nonduality talk at SAND2017

The Reality of Nonduality talk at SAND2017

On Friday, October 20, 2017, I again spoke at the Science and Nonduality conference in San Jose, CA. The talk explains that Nonduality is not a concept or an experience but is lived directly. It is a way of being. This is explained through the nature of consciousness and the 7 stages of enlightenment model from the Ramayana.

Once again, professional recording was unavailable, so Rick Archer graciously brought his camera gear, introduced me, and recorded the talk. A headset mic was also not available but sound levels are decent. The talk is about 20 minutes plus about 30 minutes of questions.

On YouTube

I also recorded the audio from my talk on my cell:

Slides from the talk (pdf, 1 mb)


In this talk I present the same stages as in 2015 but instead of opening with childhood development and samadhi, I introduce the 3 aspects of consciousness. The question of how and samadhi come up later.

On the memory issue during questions, another influence is when speaking from the Self. Questions from other levels of speech don’t connect as well. That’s partly integration and partly practice speaking from there. I’m not usually that bad. (laughs)

There’s one phrasing that’s off – I have seen dozens awaken but they don’t all live in my community. There is about A dozen here that I know.

You can use the Search box or Key Posts tab to find articles related to the many topics discussed. Many are linked from the related 2015 talk too.

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  1. Jim

    Thank you, David. A great starting point for anyone, settling the phases of consciousness, and beyond into understandable and experiential phases. Good to hear them expressed out loud. 🙂

  2. Amaryllis

    It was great to listen to this after reading the book (well, I am 3/4 of the way through). Very clear and settling to my system. I imagine it could be pretty wild to give a talk… <3

    1. Thanks, Amaryllis.
      The wild part is not knowing what will be said. Aside from the slides, it’s just talking. This allows the Self to speak but it’s not always predictable where that will go.

      Also, how people respond. Because it’s speaking to a deeper place, some get flustered or moved in ways they’re not used to.

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