The Four Levels of Speech

The Four Levels of Speech are a fundamental detail that underlies the Vedic perspective. It is the nature of how the world comes to be.

4 distinct levels of speech:
Para – absolute, Self, totality
Pashyanti – first impulse, faint feeling but undifferentiated, flow
Madhyama – ‘middle one’ – sound on level of mind
Vaikhari – fully expressed speech, vocal cords.

This was formerly a longer post but I plan to write a more comprehensive article later.

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  4. Davidya says:

    Pashyanti – is known as the speech which is seen. This is on the level of creation becoming and is profoundly powerful. This is where mantra is most effective and name and form works.

    Madhyama – is what some might call thoughts or inner speech, in the mind

    Vaikhari is of course spoken

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