Emerging @ SAND17

Emerging @ SAND17

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Adyashanti, whom I’ve written about regularly, is also a featured presenter.

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    1. Hi Michael
      That relates to Williams talk, the one before mine. They name the sessions based on the included talks. The session was named before I was added, replacing someone who got moved to another time due to a scheduling conflict.

      1. Thanks, Michael. Looking forward to it. The scenario is quite different for me than SAND15, like we’re not starting with a massive panel that set the stage last time.

        But this time, I know the ropes. I’ll be seeing some good friends and expect to meet others.

  1. Shot Rick’s talk this afternoon, on the Ethics of Enlightenment.

    Some interesting possible publicity has come up this weekend. But there was a rather remarkable series of events over dinner around a fire on the patio this evening. If it plays out it would be huge. 🙂

    It couldn’t have played out more perfectly. And then we all went dancing!

  2. Just finished the panel discussion. It went about 2 hours and was recorded on a professional camera. It will become a BATGAP video.

    Very different perspectives on some of what we discussed but also commonality.

    Those who didn’t like that I didn’t talk much in the Sophia panel will be happier here. (laughs)

      1. Hi Michael

        I said hi to Scott Kiloby for you. 🙂 He was speaking after Kristin whom I ran the camera for. He did a talk on Awakening from Awakening and a prior workshop on his usual themes. Didn’t make either. (there is typically about 8 concurrent talks)

        On the panel, we ranged quite a bit from that. I didn’t realize Rick was referring to 2 Buddhist positions in the panel topic, so when he introduced it, I wondered what I was doing there. Happily, he then asked Michael to define them so I had a sense of where we were starting. (laughs)

        There was some debate about approach (healing vs presence) and various counterpoints. I talked some of the Vedic perspective and there were questions. Some discussion of stages. Humor.

        I don’t remember much. When Self speaks, it doesn’t make the same memory impressions. It will be interesting to watch it myself. (laughs)

        There was also a running theme from Isa about how assertive she should be with 3 men. This was also a theme raised by Kristin in group discussion prior. As she was in the audience, there was some nudge, nudge gestures back and forth. 🙂

        Isa also touched on drug use but framed it very differently than in her interview with Rick and Robert Thurman. I added a couple of cautions.

        The panelists had all met prior but didn’t know each others positions on the topics, so it was pretty free-flowing. More debate than I expected. But lots of joshing and appreciation of each other afterward.

        And yes, I gave Isa the book. (in the intros, I briefly showed my book and she immediately started looking through it on stage. 🙂

  3. There will be posts coming up with stories from the conference, my talk, and the panel.

    Probably won’t post the video of Rick demonstrating how to tie shoes better in an E Indian restaurant. (laughs) But it will be on my Youtube channel at some point…

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