The Wisdom of Heartbreak

The Wisdom of Heartbreak

A friend of mine sent me this video by Michael Rodriguez. I’ve spoken similarly about the 2 kinds of love and the opening of the heart but I enjoyed his wording. I agree that the heart must be broken open. The refined stages won’t get far without that.

For most, our heart is deeply defended and encrusted and our emotions not smooth flowing. I would not say this opening must be through pain and heartbreak but that’s not unusual. The dance here is a willingness to be open without too much expectation of what should happen. This allows what is unresolved to come to the surface. We gradually see and release the old pain until the heart itself opens. Then we discover the Love we’ve been seeking.

I’ll be speaking with Michael on a panel at SAND17 and have posted this with his permission.

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  1. Tim Owens

    Few of your posts have hit me as viscerally as this one. While contemplating my own well-defended heart, I wonder about the billions of other frozen hearts that are out there. And I envy so many of my women friends who seem to be so far ahead of me in accessing both their grief and their love. It also makes me think of George Harrison’s wonderful line:”I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping; While my guitar gently weeps.”

    1. Beautiful, TO. There is a point on the journey where you experience the heart of all hearts and the suffering of all beings. Being able to sit with this requires deeply grounded being and a very open heart.

      But it also opens the door to profound healing for the world. As more come to this place, it will help lift the load of all. But we’ll still need to find our own way to acceptance and thawing.

      Many women are ahead of men on that front but some are more deeply into their dramas.

      Imagine what will happen when that love awakens. 🙂

  2. Jim

    Yep, after all it is free. I figured out in my youth that stepping into love always pays off, even when it doesn’t. Take a little risk, one baby step into freedom at a time still means progress, with either a positive or negative outcome all we have to lose is a bit of identity, regrown like a lizard’s tail afterwards. 🙂

    Once that channel is clear, the sense of spreading love as a virtue of attention is incomparable, and as you say very useful – Where the universe definitely wants us to be, as a net positive, living full potential and actively contributing in all three worlds, all grown up as human beings. 🙂

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