Together, We Are

Together, We Are

Over on Managing the Chakras, a point came up in Comments that I thought worth emphasizing.

I’ve written several similar articles about how the devata manage the flow of energy that support our “personal” physiology. How they work together, in relationship.

This same process is gradually moving forward into the world. As more people embody their unique blend of laws of nature and perspective of the whole, they’ll begin to move into complementary groupings that amplify their blend.

In The Second Stage, I talked about new laws of nature being awoken, then joining with existing ones in revived synergies. But that was specific to a single embodiment. We might call it the third stage when those synergies join with others into still greater synergies. A unity of unities.

This is how totality, how heaven on earth will come to be expressed. Through embodiment, it will be brought right to the surface.

In other words, the paternalistic age is fading. We’re moving into a time of equals sharing. Each blossoming in their own perspective of the whole. After we’ve woken to our wholeness and gifts, we can step into sync with related others. This will create wholeness that has not been known on this planet in a very long time.

The magic is that it doesn’t require everyone or even a majority. It just needs enough embodiment in enough apparent persons to express it. It doesn’t depend on an avatar being born. Just some very awake humans.

Once again, this points to the closing verses of the Rig Veda:
“Go together, speak together, know your minds to be functioning together from a common source, in the same manner as the devas [celestial beings], in the beginning, remain together united near the source.

Integrated is the expression of knowledge, an assembly is significant in unity, united are their minds while full of desires. For you I make use of the integrated expression of knowledge. By virtue of unitedness and by means of that which remains to be united, I perform action to generate wholeness of life.

United be your purpose, harmonious be your feelings, collected be your mind, in the same way as all the various aspects of the universe exist together in wholeness.”

We live in very remarkable times.

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  1. Jnana

    United by your purpose, harmonious be your feelings, collected be your mind, in the same way as all the various aspects of the universe exist together in wholeness.”

    That’s comforting to know given the very troubled times we seem to be living in now.
    But I imagine it’s still a long way off achieving.

    1. Hi Jnana
      Well – it’s not going to be overnight but it is changing faster than we might think. I’m seeing more and more people living that as a reality. Still very much a minority of the population but the potency of it shouldn’t be underestimated.

      I’ve seen groups come together that are almost half the size of the suggested number to have global impact. Only some of them are beginning to interconnect yet, but it’s coming.

      I’ve mentioned it because it’s begun.

      Still, there are a lot of people with a lot of catching up to do. But the ship is turning, as it where.

  2. Jim

    Yes, virtual communities work also. 🙂 It feels as if there must be quite a number of people expressing more and more of their full potential in the world, shifting.

    Because there is a meta, impersonal, aspect to this global phenomenon, it allows everyone’s work to get easier. Any desire in the heart can now go out for fulfillment. From the personal ones, to the larger ones, like planetary peacefulness and synchrony.

    As you have spoken of David, there is more to be accomplished in the world than has ever been possible before in our lifetimes. Fulfillment, through surrender, to totality. 🙂

    1. Agreed, Jim. At first, it’s unobvious to many because it’s happening on a more “meta” level. And the shifts may be less obvious too if there is a lot of extra processing going on.

      But when you notice some of the dynamics, like conscious flows between people and shared processing and opening, it becomes clear there are new dynamics beginning.

  3. Jim

    Definitely. The agitation in the world is more and more confined to the surface, and all of the beings responsible for making life occur can all work unimpeded again – the tide has turned. A very good thing. Now, we all have to bring our consciousness up to snuff, those so ‘fortunate’ as to have a front line position on the action…:-)

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