Subjective vs Objective

Subjective vs Objective

The US election is highlighting one way changes are taking place in group consciousness that doesn’t seem to be clear for many people.

John Oliver highlighted the issue in this recent commentary (some strong language)

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Objective, physical reality is about things that can be measured and recorded. We call these facts. Observing people in the physical world as they respond to subjective states is objective. Thinking about why they acted that way is subjective.

Subjective reality is our inner world – our thoughts, emotions, etc. Thinking about objective things is subjective. We call our subjective perspective things like opinions and feelings.

For example: My wooden table is dark brown. I like it. The first is true for most everyone. The second is not. Objective, Subjective.

Because of changes in group consciousness, subjective reality is becoming more real for people but not necessarily more conscious and they’re getting confused. Neither more real nor more conscious means more skilled. For example, because of the confusion over what is real, we may externalize our feeling state, putting the responsibility and blame for how we feel on others. This is disempowering and does not lead to emotional intelligence.

We can slip more easily into daydreaming, obsessing over feeling states, and excess self-analysis. We may take opinions as facts because they seem more real now. The Internet is full of such “facts”.

The trick with subjective content is if we’re identified, it’s often habitual, self-justifying, and reactionary. And it’s about how it feels and relates to Me. My Truth.(called confirmation bias) That can make us resistant to seeing anything different.  It’s a nice idea to think that “how I feel” is objectively important. Or that what I dream about will become real objectively.

But subjective reality effects subjective reality only, not objective. It takes action to change the objective. That action may be driven by subjective desires but until it’s physical, it’s not objective.

Certainly, it’s useful to dream and plan. But if that’s all we do, nothing will happen. Simple.

This distinction is very important. Your success and happiness depends on it. Most of your time should be spent with your attention on the objective world. You are human, after all.

A great deal of the content on this blog is subjective. Topics like consciousness, inner development, and the underlying structure of nature can be experienced but are neither measurable nor recordable in any normal way. They are subjective, known within. They are influenced by our own perspective, personalization, ability, and clarity. Establishing clarity of consciousness and the resolute intellect will make the subjective much more consistent and reliable. But it remains subjective.

Advertising and politics have shifted increasingly to appealing to peoples feelings. And more recently from inspiration to guilt and fear mongering. If we’re not conscious of this, we’re much more easily mislead.

Now, country leaders are declaring every nutcase a terrorist, for example, even before the facts are known. Crime rate has been dropping for years but many people “feel” things are more dangerous. They want to hear what they believe (confirmation bias again), so politicians, news broadcasters, and advertisers play to that. This amplifies the fear, contrary to facts.

The world feels like it’s going to hell when it’s actually going to heaven. (laughs)

The changes underway are not small. It’s better we understand the dynamics so we’re better able to choose. But choosing takes recognition. Is this objective or subjective? Distinguishing is not as easy as we might think if it all seems the same real.

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  1. michael

    Really good (more worldly) article!!

    Brings a clear description of the undercurrents of the things that happen now out in mainstream world. (for ex. where it now becomes a hate crime if someone is offended; facts are now often not liked because the make some people uncomfortable; on some universities they have stopped talking about rape law…. in law classes!! because it could be uncomfortable for some; 3rd feminism, safe spaces on universities, BLM movement, political correctness etc.)

    I like the words you have put it and the view it brings!
    I would have said that humans allways live in projection mode (meaning our unconscious emotional states and our believe systems) are projected onto the external world and so it is allways the fault of the other person or the circumstances if we feel bad.
    Now with so much being pushed to the surface this inner subjective states are more clearly projected onto the external world.

    I (as allways) suggest The Presence process as for me the best way to learn the difference between inner and outer and how to resolve this.
    Roses view certainly brings another important element to the table, though i find understanding our projection mechanism more important.
    Most people, even a lot of awake do not understand how powerful this mechanism is.


    1. Thanks, Michael. And yes, I do occasionally drift worldly. (laughs)

      Yes – the projections have always been there although they’re not exactly personal. Just distorted some by personal stories. The change now is in seeing them as even more real, curiously.

      I suppose that’s one way to see their falsehood, though rather doing it the hard way.

  2. michael

    You wrote:”I suppose that’s one way to see their falsehood, though rather doing it the hard way.”

    That seems to be exactly the case!! …. as most people do not have yet the abilities to digest/resolve things internally.

    1. Well – we all have the ability but many don’t yet have the skill. You don’t get skilled by suppressing, except at how to use a ton of energy keeping a lid on your history…

      It does keep it unconscious though. Most people are oblivious they’re doing that.

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