The Thaw

The Thaw

In a recent conversation, Lorne Hoff mentioned “The Thaw” when speaking about how the physical body gradually is allowed to shift from solidity to flow, its true nature. This is true even from a Physics perspective. Physical objects are not solid mass but rather mostly empty space with probability fields that give us an experience of form.

It occurred to me how the entire process of unfolding can be described as a Thaw.

Thawing our old, unresolved emotions and resistance
Thawing our old, long-held beliefs
Thawing our old sense of me or identified ego
Thawing our old contraction of the heart
Thawing our old sense of being a separate entity
Thawing any old impressions of separateness
Thawing our attachments, even to consciousness
Thawing our sense of physical solidity

I’m sure you can think of more…

The gradual result is living the pure flow of divinity.

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  1. K

    This Thaw list is very helpful. I seem to be in the first thaw. I suspect though, that the other thaws are probably happening to a more or less discernible degree “below” the top thaw – maybe? The first thaw has challenging episodes but you addressed that in earlier blogs. I was thinking of a couple of things after reading this thaw post – many years ago, I saw a homeless patient come in to the hospital with very severe frost bite. She needed painkillers to get through the initial stages of the thawing process because it was so painful. I am going through the first thaw without the benefit of pain killers though I am glad about the thaw itself. Second, today I was pulling weeds. I was trying to get close to the weed’s root and pull the whole plant with the root out. There is a distinct sensation when the root comes out with the plant. I did feel that some of my issues (especially some opinions of myself) are being “rooted” out. And the difficult sensation during the process, is actually things being pulled out by their roots. Anyway, I am grateful to have this blog for guidance.

    1. Hi K
      Yes, I would not describe the series as exactly linear. The clearing process goes on long into later stages but gets progressively more refined. It also becomes more and more universal.

      And yes, sometimes we get part and sometimes we go deep enough to resolve the roots themselves. I’ve talked in the past about how there can be beliefs and concepts, driven from more subtle energy/emotional drivers, driven from more subtle resistance or sense of separation.

      When we resolve those subtle divisions, then everything that comes out of that fades away.

      It’s also worth noting that when we clear some of the bigger burdens, we release all the energy that was being used to repress it. This greatly improves quality of life. That and simple practice gradually makes the process easier. Even more so when we stop seeing it as “mine.”

  2. amaryllis

    I don’t know whether this is a ‘thaw’, or something different, but I don’t seem to be comprehending ‘spiritual’ material at the moment/any more. It’s not that I’m not interested, but I just can’t seem to understand all the words and the concepts they are pointing to, or rather, the desire to make sense of them is not there. The habit of making too much effort has meant this has felt uncomfortable, like ‘I’ was being lazy by not sticking with things ’til I understand, but now I have uncovered this new layer of the one who wants to control spiritual experience, it’s easier to watch it happen. I can’t really get too excited about anything but sitting quietly … it’s an unexpected phase …

    1. Hi Amaryllis
      Yes, I think the phrase “the desire to make sense of them is not there” is most apt. This is quite common. We’re no longer giving the mind or concepts importance. They can seem pointless or like noise. What is here being experienced is what is important. It can seem unfamiliar though as we’re so used to giving the mind weight and holding onto it’s beliefs.

      For some, this lets go and stays gone. For others, this lets go but then we later come back to it from a new unattached place.

      You may find this with other drivers as well. There’s a couple of posts on the blog here, for example, where the drive to write fell away. It seemed the end of the blog. But then it came back again in a new context.

      I’ve had other things fall away and stay gone I didn’t expect. And a few things that have stayed I would have thought to be first to go. (laughs)

      1. amaryllis

        Yes, that is exactly right David … the unexpected things that “fall away” (and as you say, sometimes reappear). It’s actually a good chance to viscerally experience the energy of clinging (as the Buddhists say), as the mind (small ‘I’ mind- maybe it’s neural pathways?) drives me to get up and do something habitual, while the larger space that is seeing just notices …

        1. Yep, theres nothing like taking a step back to notice whats still hanging on. 🙂

          As for habits, they’re rather layered and self-reinforcing. There is the brain neural pathways reinforced by use, there is energetic drivers, and there is mind patterns aka field structures that also steer perception.

          Habits can be a very good thing. No fun having to learn to walk again each time we stand up. It’s the stuff that makes us unconscious where thats not so useful that needs to be seen.

    1. Hi Phyllis
      Yes they sometimes talk about it like peeling an onion – layers and layers. But as we get closer to the core, there is less “weight”, more clarity, and better all-around quality of life.

      Thanks for commenting.

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