Consciousness flows out into both experiencer and into form as objects of experience. Then local attention (point of experiencer) flows to the objects, reflecting them back as sensing. Onto the screen of our local awareness, a projection of the world (an appearance) arises from the dynamics (laws of nature) within consciousness. Mind associates the experiences with past memories, emotions respond, the body moves, we interact with objects, and so forth.

We can see that the process of experience begins globally and gets progressively more localized. Notice how it’s a 2-way street, consciousness interacting with itself.

We also may have noticed in our experience that everything described from the perspective above it is an object. To global awareness, the experiencer is an object. To the experiencer, the mind is noticed and is thus an object in consciousness. To the emotions, the body is an object.

We can point to a data-stream of sensory information being processed by the mind, but this is in the details. This is not what is producing the image in the first place. Our apparent local mind has neither the speed nor capacity to do that. A whole host of laws of nature is creating the world, then our local laws give us our personal taste of that. The local laws digest only a small part of our world and we become conscious of an even smaller fraction. Human physical eyes, for example, perceive only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light.

You may find yourself feeling expanded when you look up at the stars at night. This is because your awareness is reaching out to experience them. We as if touch whatever we experience so when we touch the stars, we’re reaching out into space.

If you think that’s silly, you’re underestimating how large you are. You, as consciousness, contain not just everything you can see but the entire universe, many other distinct universes, and the yet much larger creation those reside in.

This is why spiritual awakening is described with words like becoming unbounded or infinite. We may not be aware of just how large that infinite is for a time, but that tends to become apparent in time.

Physics tells us the world isn’t what we picture within. Things feel solid only due to surface electrical resistance. The vast majority of matter is just empty space. The rest is probability fields. Matter is also continually collapsing and being recreated again in every moment.

Seen more deeply, matter is lively consciousness, flowing into apparent form and vibrating out specific qualities for shape, texture, and colour with the present natural laws.

Our sensory mechanism and mind just simplify that so we can easily orient ourselves in our environment and make some sense of the vast flood of data. Very vast.

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  1. Amaryllis

    “Our sensory mechanism and mind just simplify that so we can easily orient ourselves in our environment and make some sense of the vast flood of data …”

    Hi David, Are there times when our sensory mechanism is not filtering, & we unify with the data flood, resisting nothing … is that unity consciousness? Or is our physical apparatus (nervous system/body etc) unable to handle full perception of all levels of creation simultaneously?

  2. Hi Amaryllis
    Well – the sensory mechanism is always filtering, even due to it’s own limitations, like visible light. Of course, there are sensory values at all layers of our being, so we also have the ability to sense subtle light and so forth. But it’s still limited by capacity.

    Yes, there can be the experience of unifying with the senses, or an object of sense, or pretty much anything else.

    But no, that is not Unity Consciousness. The stages in our relationship with consciousness are changes in being, not just experiences. They change our whole relationship with experience because they change who we know ourselves to be.

    We might call such things unity experiences or tastes of unity but theres a big difference between that and the actual shift in being. It’s like being king for the day is not the same as actually being the king.

    In the same way, an experience of Self or pure consciousness, pure being, I Amness is not the same as Self Realization.

    Because we experience through a point of awareness, our experience is what Buckminster Fuller called Special Case. We inherently experience one thing at a time. It may be a very big thing like the universe, but it is just one thing. And then our attention goes to the next, and the next.

    When the awareness is expanded enough, we can experience all of creation (as one thing) at once, but as soon as we pay attention to a detail, we zoom in on that layer.

    So yes, but it’s not just our physical apparatus. We have several limitations. For example archangels and above are omnipresent. This means they can be in many places at once simultaneously. We can be everywhere at once by knowing ourselves as omnipresent consciousness but cannot bring our attention to all of those details at the same time. Just one at a time.

  3. gayanee

    Thank you Amaryllis and David for the comments. more clarity through them 🙂

    David, I have read and heard that Ascended Masters like Babaji are able to be omnipresent and able to be in a physically body if they wish to . So because of this they are able to not only commune with more that one being at a time as well as they can effect the physical reality more easily. What you are saying here is that even when a human is fully awake and established in unity, because of the limitations of being a human that they wont be able to manipulate the elements or be omnipresent? I am wondering how one goes from a fully enlightened human being to an Ascended Masters or Archangels?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Gayanee

    OK – there is what we might call spiritual enlightenment and physical enlightenment. After the first, the embodiment gradually moves forward into more manifest levels until even the physical is fully awake. In the current time, this is rather rare. It takes time to purify to that degree.

    But it is clear from books like the Yoga Sutra that this is very possible, especially in higher ages.

    Having a body that is free of limitation means just about anything is possible.

    Taking an apparent physical body again after dropping the human lifetime is a different thing.

    And angels have a distinct evolutionary path. One doesn’t become an angel between human lives, for example. Some angels have “fallen” and taken up a human path but thats not reversible. I’ve heard that 2 humans became archangels but that’s extremely rare.

  5. Gayanee

    So enlightened human beings choosing to keep their individuality at the end of their current incarnations what’s their evolutionary path? Are you able to intuit your own future role after you complete your human life? Thank you again for the answer. Make a lot of sense that a body purified of all limitions can pretty much be anything. Still hard for me to wrap my head around how there are such different variations of evolutionary paths and why they don’t readily interconnect.

  6. gayanee

    Hi David I woke up with another question 🙂 Thanks for your time in answering so clearly in a way I can comprehend for the most part!

    >there is what we might call spiritual enlightenment and physical enlightenment. After the first, the embodiment gradually moves forward into more manifest levels until even the physical is fully awake.

    My question is that is kundalini rising or the physical symptoms of a rising kundalini, is the subjective experience of embodiment moving in to the manifest levels like the vital and physical body?

    1. Hi Gayanee

      Sorry for the lag – just back from a retreat.

      Well – it’s not so much that they “keep individuality”. It’s more the soul continues evolution. And there isn’t one path through the process. They may support others evolution, be a lighthouse (so to speak), work on one of the teams managing some value of creation, etc etc.

      Yes, I’ve had tastes of the post-life but because consciousness is higher, it’s somewhat distorted. We’ll see what actually unfolds.

      Keep in mind that a path also has momentum and is intertwined with others. So there is a tendency for the trajectory and relationships to continue. There is also what might be called a timeline. There would less commonly be a learning value for a grade 3-er to be placed in a different language, program, and culture. Easier for them to continue school in the native location.

      I would not try to figure all this out when it’s theoretical. It’s way too complex to bring it down to a few sentences in a comment. Would even your current life fit?

      Kundalini rising is generally prior to awakening although there is apparently some variations. There is then a post-awakening descent that leads to embodiment of the awakening.

      In the stages of Unity, the unification moves progressively through the cosmic values. Awakening in the physical is not about an individual physical body but living the cosmic in the body.

      This is way outside the experience of most people at this point. This is about the one body that is all bodies.

  7. gayanee

    Thanks! Yes I get that it’s living the cosmic in the body not an individual awakening. It’s a lot of fun to contemplate about this kind of stuff for me these days than anything else. And grateful to have avenues like this to get clarity and explore! 🙂 I told my hubby that I wish I had a spiritual google. I realize that I kind of do! haha

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