The Value of Experiences

The Value of Experiences

There is a perspective which suggests all of creation is here for That, consciousness, to know itself in more detail. How can you know something if there’s nothing? Creation is expressed to bring out the detail. And each of us are unique perspectives of the whole, each unfolding the details of that point of experience.

In that sense we’re here to have experiences. We could say this is our purpose.

The key however is how we are with those experiences.

When the mind is identified with its content and the objects of experience (before awakening), then our happiness is tossed about by the waves on the surface of life. We resist the unpleasant and grasp at the pleasant.

The mind likes to make stories about the world to “explain” it so we can feel safe and secure. Those stories can become a major obstacle to experiencing life as it is. They also cause us to react habitually to self-associated kinds of experiences, not always in healthy ways.

However, once we’re established in Being, in pure consciousness, we become a witness or observer of life’s vagaries. Life becomes a field of variety, of entertainment. We come to see it as a divine play, Lila.

Then the intelligence that is embedded in all forms and phenomena comes to be known along with the experience. Experience comes to have meaning and purpose and unfolds to us as divine intent or as the processing of prior experiences.

This deeper truth remains relative to our stage of development but it gains a much greater clarity and consistency and becomes reliably true. It’s not based on something vaguely related to our personal past but rather what is here now.

This brings much greater value out of our experiences and allows us to much more fully reflect the details that are unfolding to us. And this brings much greater fulfillment because we’re living our purpose to a much higher level.

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