The Flavours

The Flavours

I meet with, retreat with, and correspond with a variety of people who are awake, some very much so. As I mentioned in the Sofia panel discussion, I’ve found people tend to become more unique and distinctive with the falling away of personal identity. Even the person becomes unbound.

What this means is a huge variety in the “flavour” of unfolding. Some find their outer life changes little. They continue in the same scenario but are with it differently. Nothing changes but everything changes.

For others, the outer life may change distinctly. They may be led into a different work or location or relationships. This may be driven by karma pushed to the surface by the changes or by a new calling. That transition may be quick or may take some time. The old can fall away before the new arises. Or old resistance to being a certain way can become prominent. Ways we used to try and control may need to be broken apart.

In other words, the flavour can take time to blossom, to mix metaphors.

Some have very minimalist low-concept experiences where presence dominates, much like the classic neo-advaita descriptions. For others, they may have a stage of this, then much more shows up. Or they have a far more complex unfolding with all kind of experiences.

Some are heart-dominated with profound love, or have a stage of this. All of this adds to the flavour of the unfolding.

Yet the unfolding itself is behind all of this and not limited by it in any way.

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