What is Refinement?

What is Refinement?

I’ve talked here about refined perception, soma and various effects of refinement. But a recent discussion revealed I’d not talked about refinement itself for a bit.

It’s quite common in some circles to speak of energy healing, clearing the dross, healing the pain body, or settling the energetic noise. This is the purification aspect that helps with clarity and peace. It allows more subtle values to become conscious, particularly consciousness or presence.

But what is less talked about is refinement. As things settle some, it allows another stage of development. We might call it smoothing or polishing the mirror. Just as getting the Hubble telescope perfectly polished and adjusted allows greater clarity at further distances, polishing our physiology allows the refined perception I mentioned above.

This doesn’t necessarily mean visual resolution. For some, it will come more in feelings or hearing. This would be the fineness of perception.

This also allows finer feelings to be conscious and finer values in consciousness to be lively. We discover the world has layers of reality we were oblivious to, simply because our mechanism didn’t have a fine enough resolution. They were blurred out.

In the typical noisy, agitated emotional body (anyone not in established enlightenment) there is both the dust and jaggedness doing the blurring. Think of someone jumping around in sand. It kicks up lots of dust. But after things calm, then the dust settles. But the sand is not yet smooth. That’s the process of refinement, the Zen sand garden. (laughs)

Also, this isn’t something we do directly. It happens naturally. When there is sufficient purification and clarity, subtler values become more lively, more conscious. As they continue to be experienced, the experience itself refines. We could say experiences entrain the mechanism and the polishing takes place. We just have to go out there and experience life.

And that leads to the third aspect of this process – Embodiment. Great refinement isn’t necessary for a degree of embodiment but the more the refinement, the fuller embodiment can be.

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  1. Jim Flanegin

    Stages of energetic literacy. Well said. exactly like that. Yes, and as we find out more about where we are, when we are established in infinity in every direction, inside outside cardinal points every thought word and action even imagination, then we become; we are Brahman.

    After enlightenment, infinity is in charge, ensuring that every aspect of ourselves is carried to its fullness. It is an unstoppable momentum, born of our habitual surrender, our infused transcendent nature. Infinity then begins to flow like lifeblood through us, through every experience of ours, and anything in the way is brought along, to its infinite merging. That journey of every perception to infinity, is what clears the layers, bringing about continuous refinement. Thanks for writing about this.

  2. Hi Jim
    Agreed, although if there are strong concepts of how it’s “supposed to” unfold, this can sometimes get in the way of a smooth unfolding. And it can take time for some for surrender to be habitual.

    There is also a huge range in the type and degree of purification required by this or that physiology. One person can have a pretty pure nervous system but less atman, another lots of atman but less purity. Thus, there is a wide range in how this process unfolds.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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