Beyond Good and Bad

Beyond Good and Bad

Most of us carry around large loads of energetic debris, also known as karma. Karma means action, in this case what physics might call potential energy. Only this energy is “loaded”. It has an agenda. It is seeking to return to balance and resolve it’s polarity. It has a direction it wishes to take, based on the energy that threw it out of balance in the first place.

When it becomes active, we have experiences and events in our life, be they physical, emotional, or mental. You may also have noticed that such events don’t tend to be neutral but rather ones we might call good and bad. They have a polarity.

I’ve spoken before about the types of this energy or karma. The thing is, while most of us are busy working through stuff, we’re falling out of balance in the process. This creates new things to resolve. We gradually build up “mountains” of these impulses or seeds.

Clearly, working to resolve them through action itself is a lost and hopeless cause. We just keep making the pile larger. What’s the magic to more effective resolution? The word is samadhi or transcendence. In going beyond the mind with our attention, we go beyond the field of action. In the process we can “roast” or resolve vast swaths of old baggage.

Then we’re left with cleaning up what has been “sprouted”, what is already engaged in our lives. We shift from mountains to dust bunnies.

There’s a curious thing that happens then. For one, your life may considerably simplify energetically. With much less dust, there is a lot more clarity. The emotional dramas within settle. It becomes progressively easier to see and resolve what remains. Sometimes we can even resolve it in simple awareness. No need to act it out.

This may or may not show up as a less busy or eventful life. But it will become less complicated, less difficult. We find an inner simplicity to match the simplicity of pure being.

There’s also another curious thing that happens. When you resolve the stuff with good and bad flavours, you might assume things go to neutral. And they may for a time. But as we become a more clear channel, the light of the divine begins to flow through us much more readily.

The divine isn’t good in the sense of a polarity of good and bad. It is beyond that. It is a higher good, beyond a good associated with grasping for pleasure or avoiding pain.

We might consider Love by comparison. There is small “l” love, the emotion that is opposite hate and that comes and goes in our life. The one they sing about on the radio. That one is mainly needs based – we love the person that meets our needs and fall out of love when they no longer do. This is conditional love, bound.

But there is another kind of love that has no polar opposite. It is big “L” Love that is the flow of the divine. We cannot grasp this love. We must allow it. And we we must clear some of that debris above to become a better vessel for it. This love cannot be contained. It can only be given, directed, allowed.

In the same way the greater Good cannot be gained or grasped. It can only be allowed. It is always with us but may be covered by the noise of our unresolved emotions.

Know Thyself. Heal Thyself. And then as Jesus was said to have said, “Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life” (Psalm 23:6)

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