Progress & Embodiment

Progress & Embodiment

Several times recently, the subject of embodiment has come up. That is, not just spiritual awakening or enlightenment but living that in the world.

I’ve spoken before about the masculine and feminine aspects of the stages of enlightenment, of Atman and Sattva.

From Atman comes the flowering of consciousness itself. We have the classic rise of the kundalini Shakti to the crown to join Shiva. But that is essentially just opening the door, the kindergarten of enlightenment. We then bring Shakti and Shiva together down into the world and embody them.

Enlightenment is not about living in some detached state, out of the world of apparent illusion. While this is a superior truth to being caught in suffering, it is not fully lived. It is not living the potential of what is here.

If we get sidetracked by detachment we can end up in a kind of circular being in non-being. It’s a kind of over-conceptualized advaitism illustrated by this video.

Without the addition of Sattva and reintegration with the world, we can end up detached from the richness of heaven on earth. We run into the barriers of our own development if it’s not more balanced.

I touch on how this shifts in Awakening from Awakening. And more in another article on Embodiment.

From Adyashanti’s book, The Impact of Awakening:
Embodiment is not something that you do; it is something that is a result of how far you take enlightenment and how much of yourself you give to it. The entire cosmos is your body. Let your humanness reflect and manifest the whole.

And finally, this panel discussion at the recent SAND (Science and Non-Duality) conference on this very subject.

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