Our Natural Potential

Our Natural Potential

For those of you in the Vancouver area, I’ll be giving a talk during the Centre for Spiritual Living‘s Sunday service @ 11am on Sunday, October 26th.

Here’s the blurb:
In this talk, David will give an overview of typical human development, then explore the latest on transpersonal development; what is commonly called spiritual awakening, higher states of consciousness or enlightenment.

In the last decade, these stages have shifted from the mythical and mystical into the world of psychology and biology. Combining science with the understanding from ancient texts, David will outline the stages of this unfolding and what our natural potential is. The two main aspects also illustrate the myriad ways this shows up and offers a framework for understanding descriptions from throughout the ages.

This will be a general overview of the focus of my work and larger writing project that’s (ever) under way. For those of you outside the area, the first part of this series talks about the prior stages for context. And here’s an article on the transpersonal stages.

For the talk itself, the address and a map link are in their newsletter.

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