Cosmic Stages

I’ve written before about the stages of childhood development. Using the Alexander model from psychology, we can describe the dominant stages of:

Body & Senses (learning to sense and walk and talk)
Desires & Emotions (the terrible twos)
Mind (school age)
Intellect and Intuition (teens)
Ego (adult)

Each progressively more subtle level becomes dominant in that developmental stage.

These also correspond to the Vedic layers known as the koshas, what are commonly called the auras or energy bodies.

With awakening, we step beyond individual ego and recognize ourselves as Atman or Cosmic Being.

In The Veda of Unity, I described one way the later progression of Unity is marked – as 10 stages. The experience may not meet this map exactly. But this basically repeats the above process in the cosmic rather than individual – the 5 elements, cosmic mind, cosmic intellect, etc.

However, if we take a broader perspective of the entire process, we see:

with awakening – Atman, Cosmic Self
Cosmic feelings with God Consciousness
Cosmic Intellect with Unity
Cosmic Mind – we experience and become
Cosmic Emotions – emotions are cosmic
Cosmic Body – the body is only ever cosmic

In other words, a reverse process. Connecting to the cosmic we already are, then moving it forward (recognizing it already being) into the world. From a kundalini perspective, this corresponds to the post-awakening descent. It also points to one of the reasons it’s valuable for the awake to be around others awake during this process to help support it. Otherwise, the attention will tend to be on old habits of thinking that make us less conscious in supporting this process.

To go cosmic, be with the cosmic.  😉

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