Seer, Sage, or Shanti

Seer, Sage, or Shanti

There’s a pernicious idea people often have that the awake are supposed to teach. That enlightenment somehow gives you a teaching mission. I’ve seen a number of such people start teaching, then fade away. Or start too soon.

Teaching requires a certain set of skills, like an ability to speak to the student on their level. It will probably have shown up in some way already. Most people have other skills instead. Further, you want the awakening to mature and integrate well first. Too soon and you speak from too small a place – even if it does seem boundless. Until the awakening is embodied, there can still be a lot of shadow.

The book Kundalini Vidya by Joan Harrigan touches on outcomes. While everyone’s process does not follow this pattern, it’s common enough to be useful.

Firstly, there is the rise of kundalini to the crown and awakening. Shakti rises to join Shiva. Then the awakening descends into form. The higher value descends through the chakras. Adyashanti called this “head, heart, gut”. And on into the root. This corresponds to the “higher states” I’ve often discussed here. Then Shakti rises again, but to the chosen platform for that individual. This varies widely.

The Vedas describe 4 forms the awakening may lead to. Firstly, most continue to live in the world as ordinary people. Of the many I know who have shifted, most just continue as before, but now from a more happy and peaceful place. They become quiet lights of peace (shanti), even in a full and busy life.

A few have significant shifts in their life as inner clearing changes outer expression. Often this is simply a shift in role such as a career or lifestyle change after some karma completes along with the awakening process.

A small number of these are the second group, sages, given a mission to travel about teaching and giving spiritual guidance. But again, this is arising after the descent has completed, not after simple awakening. This is also not something we create but rather are called to. The third group is the subset that will teach and guide only if someone comes to their door. These are quiet teachers supporting small numbers powerfully.

Another small subset not mentioned as one of the 4 are the seers. These are the cognizers of reality, the visionary messengers. Some of these are also called to teach but not all. The Vedas are founded on the most illustrious of this group.

Note “seers” doesn’t mean seeing angels or astral beings. Seers peer into the structure of creation and the fundamental intelligence of existence. They look  beyond the celestial. (see the ‘covering’ quote at the bottom of the page, explained in About near the bottom. The Gold of sattva is on the celestial.)

The fourth group is the born monks who live as hermits away from society, dwelling in Oneness. These are amongst the brightest lights and are described as the pillars of society as a result. But again, this is their proper role. Anyone in avoidance or spiritual addiction is not integrated so is not an embodiment.

If you’re wondering what your destiny is, look no further than your life now. You’re already living it. Will it change later? Maybe, but that’s not what’s important. It’s just the side effect of being. As all things are in being, be.

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