Where is the Soul?

Where is the Soul?

Over the years, I’ve heard many descriptions of where in the body the soul resides. By soul, I mean the spark of our being.

Some talk about it as kundalini, coiled in the root chakra and rising with the awakening process. Some as the light in the heart, although that is more the celestial than personal. (I’ve described it there myself) Some refer to the crown chakra. And some the “high heart” at the top of the chest. Recently someone said it’s in the upper belly chakra.

To some extent, this is thinking in linear, physical terms. But the soul is not physical; it’s not limited this way. It’s working on the level of chakras and the chakras are not personal. All beings in this universe share the same 7 chakras. From that we express the myriad of forms of beings, many who live in ways beyond our conception.

The soul is what might be called a cosmic “idea form”, divine thought-form, or spark of life. It descends through the thread that comes in the top of our head and enters all of the chakras so they express locally as this person.

It may be more strongly or openly expressed in this place or that, leading to the above impression about where it resides. But the real answer is “all of the above“. It is present to all of our being.

Note that this is distinct from experiences some have described of energy leaving the body in this or that way at death. The soul withdraws from the form, gathers itself back up. The Yog Vasishtha suggests it gathers in the heart first (dropping the physical form and lower mind). What happens next depends on the person. Energy may release in other ways, as does the prana, the breath. The soul then migrates to a new role for what is needed next, usually after a transition period.

This is the journey of life. From one point of awareness where awareness is aware of itself at every point, we could say a spark expresses into form. That point of awareness can then come to know itself completely, through all the ways of experience. This continues until it comes to know itself fully – both locally and globally. The scale of this adventure is astonishing.

We may sometimes get lost in the details but eventually the bigger picture emerges – and it is who we are.

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