The Physics of Hagelin

The Physics of Hagelin

In this interview, Dr. John Hagelin discusses current physics and consciousness and the nature of reality. He’s an award-winning physicist that has appeared in What the Bleep and The Secret films. They talk about samadhi, stages, evolution & intelligent design, time, relativity, subtle bodies & “hidden sector matter”*, the initial awakening, zero point energy, and supernormal abilities. You’ll recognize many of these themes on this blog and my other.

Curiously, it’s an interview on Batgap. Usually these are with the “ordinary spiritually awakened“. They do not discuss John’s own spiritual history, unlike most of the interviews. However, it’s useful to know that the interviewer, Rick, taught John to meditate back in the day, when John was in that body cast. John also spoke on Rick’s panel at the SAND conference in the fall of 2012 – covered in a different interview.

Even without the back-story, it’s an interesting exploration of physics and spirituality. And during the interview, John also concedes a point of organizational policy. So lots of subtext too.


*his description doesn’t cover the experience. Not cold. But certainly very fluid.

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