Metanoia is curious word. In psychology, it means “experiencing a psychotic “break down” and subsequent, positive psychological re-building or “healing”.

Philosophically, it means rejecting consumerism and materialism as the basis of progress.

And in theological circles, its been thought to refer to repentance. It’s a key word in the New Testament. John the Baptist calls for it. Jesus asks for it because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. However, understanding metanoia to mean repentance has come to be seen as “an extraordinary mistranslation” or “tragedy.”

It’s original meaning refers to a “transmutation of consciousness” or transformative change of heart. It has nothing to do with sorrow or regret.

Further, if we explore the roots of the word, Noia means thought, Meta means beyond. So Metanoia means beyond thought or pure consciousness or transcendence. Samadhi in Sanskrit.

Letting things go is a consequence of experiencing our limitless being. And that is the widely understood means to enlightenment in the east.

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