Seeing the One through the Many

Seeing the One through the Many

In a December conference call, Lorne made a few comments I quite enjoyed.

On Self Realization
It’s something that sees itself when we stop looking.

On Unity
Through the appearance of many, the one can become more clear…
ie: multiplicity is not a barrier to oneness – it is the means by which oneness knows itself more fully. Consider the mahavakyas, for example.

[the world] “becomes more pronounced because it’s all consciousness.

This weekend, I will be enjoying another retreat with Lorne and Lucia, on a Kiwi farm on the island.
Looking forward to it.

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  1. No. Unity and oneness in this context relates to our recognizing ourselves as That which underlies all things. It is the foundation of our own being and of the world.

    Some people talk of the world as an illusion and barrier to that recognition. What Lorne notes is that the world is a means to that recognition. This is fairly advanced talk about enlightenment.

    Rather than seeing through the eyes of another, it is seeing what we all are, at essence.

    The terms are described some in this article, along with an overview of the process.
    More details can be found under Key Posts tab above, near the bottom.

    ‘Seeing through the eyes of another’ can refer to empathy and compassion or to an empathic gift where we can literally see through the eyes of another being. This is something we’re either born with (through one mode or another) or may develop with spiritual progress.

    I touch on a list of empathic gifts over on Aura Reading and plan an article in more detail when I finish a book I’m reading.

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