Silence Becomes

Silence Becomes

“Imagine a mass of deep silence. If it could be aware of itself what it would find would be silence. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, in becoming aware of itself, the observer (silence) observing itself (silence) should have done something to itself.

What will have happened is that the moment the awareness realizes “I am silence”, both an observer and an object of observation are created, and in this process space, time and motion are generated.

The unmanifest provides the impetus for creation just by becoming aware of itself. This is the start of the entire space-time geometry, the beginning of creation. From consciousness creation begins.”
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (who got a university degree in physics before he went to the ashram), talking about the Rig Veda on creation

from “The Maharishi Technology of The Unified Field: The Neurophysiology of Enlightenment” by Robert Keith Wallace, Ph.D., p. 34.

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