Thank You

Thank You

There is a subject that’s come up in conversations several times recently. I thought it worth touching on again. That is the profound value of gratitude. Not in a fake sense of thanks or a concept of it. But a really felt recognition of how profound your life and gifts are.

This may not be very present for you now if you’re in a difficult period. If so, the sages prescribe meditation and charitable works. But if it is available to you, it can be very useful to remind yourself of something to be grateful for here and there in the day. This cultures an emotional space that makes it much easier for us to let go of old baggage and live at a higher tone.

And really – don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s simple. And fun.

PS – Thanks to all the readers and subscribers here! You are what keeps this growing.

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  1. Grant

    I knew I would find some thoughts of yours about this, in your archives.

    I’ve been a bit confused by this lately because I don’t know where it’s arising from and it’s so strong. It’s almost as if some part of me is becoming more aware of what a gift existence is…and I don’t know what I’m doing to deserve it.

    It seems to be coupled with an epiphany I’ve had lately. That is, to allow the tendency to chase after pleasure give way to the awe and mystery of experience itself. I feel like a 7 year old who’s suddenly worked out that there’s more to food than chocolate ice-cream(as bad analogies go).

    The feeling of spontaneous gratitude can be so strong sometimes. Powerful.

    Paradoxically, it’s coupled with a realization that any show of gratitude is not ever enough. Pray 5 times a day? why not 100?

    I’m left humbled and eager to share love.

    1. Hi Grant
      Beautiful. Sounds like what might be called a heart opening. An awakening of the deeper feeling values. While present for everyone, they’re usually masked by unresolved emotions and such. But as those are settled out, the deeper flows of life become conscious, like gratitude, love, and devotion.

      These are more universal values so they’re less personal. And yet they can be deeply intimate. They’re not about doing or deserving but rather allowing what is already there to be present.

      Gratitude is a wonderful thing that helps shift things up, as you describe.

      As the love grows, you may find a desire for an object of devotion, a place to direct that expanding love. Traditionally, that has been God, the teacher, or ones mate. But there are examples like a mountain or animal. 🙂

  2. Tyler

    Your words as always resonate deeply and dispell doubts as resistance to the path sometimes arises. For this I am every grateful, for it keeps my feet on the path.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Tyler
      Yes, that’s natural. The journey can take awhile and mind will naturally doubt what isn’t concrete or obvious. Ample distractions and others judgements also arise. Yet if we stay the course, at some point the value will unfold and wash away our concerns.

      For example, I went through a long fallow period where I continued meditating but paid almost no other attention to the path. Worked hard. And then, some things changed and the inner development and integration rose to the surface. Then grace arose.

  3. Eira

    Recently, it somehow seems gratitude itself is something I’ve become grateful for… how meta.
    There has been a noticeable growth in not just what I’ve been grateful for, but the quality itself of that sense of gratitude. It seems to a certain extent have coincided with the ability of being truly appreciative of blessings inherent in difficult situations …”all that is gold does not glitter” to quote a favourite book.

    In particular, during my deeply loved father’s recent illness and passing, to be able to allow what is, and simply be Present through the process, felt a tremendous spiritual gift only accessible if I didn’t resist it. Doesn’t mean there isn’t grief, or that it was easy. I miss him a lot. But I also feel so grateful for being allowed that grief, and to connect with that particular aspect of having a human experience. Grateful for further insight and compassion for others who struggle with similar challenge. And most of all appreciating the experience of an internal groundedness (the word boundless comes to mind) that feels beyond the changeable nature of the world, which meant that there was nothing that needed resisting. “I” was fine no matter what.

    It just feels like I’ve sort of fallen in love with humanity, warts and all, and gratitude feels that more intense.

      1. Eira

        Thank you. Your blog and book was an important help and support to me during that process. Continues to be so.

        I realised, yesterday was also Guru Purnima. So thank you Davidyaji, for the profound knowledge and insights you share with us all, with such integrity.

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